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DIY Giant Origami Bunnies

Easter Sunday will never be the same after you introduce these DIY giant origami bunnies. Your kids are going to hop with joy!  Does Easter put you in the mood for bunny love? Then you're going to ADORE these giant origami bunnies! These guys are just as cute as the real thing -- and you don't have to worry about being nipped for snatching their carrots! This project is …Continue Reading

7 Homemade Crafts to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Love those spring feels? Bring it all indoors and embrace the season from the comfort of your living room with these homemade crafts. Every tree and branch out in nature is unique, so using these elements in your home is sure to capture that natural beauty and character you often absent in premade items. Every scratch or imperfection to the wood simply adds to its …Continue Reading

7 Tips for Making a DIY Fairy Garden

A DIY Fairy Garden is fun for the kids (and for the inner child in you)! These 7 tips will help you get ready to grow! If you're looking for a kid-friendly gardening project, consider this DIY fairy garden project. These whimsical container gardens offer kids a small planted play space of their own with endless opportunity for customization and make-believe. Below are …Continue Reading

10 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Household Items

Use your imagination and upcycle household items into gorgeous new pieces. Is that designer? No, it's my ladle!  10 Unexpected Ways to Upcycle Household Items SEE ALSO: 30 Homemade Household Product Hacks  1. Ladle Tea Light Holder A ladle and tea light -- so neat and classy.  Light your patio the pretty …Continue Reading

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