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Anti Valentines Day Party Ideas

Feature | Heart shape window glass | Anti Valentines Day Party Ideas

Take a decidedly Anti-Valentine's Day stance by throwing a lonely hearts party. Let the darker side of your heart shine!

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  1. Anti-Valentine's Day Invitation
  2. Anti-Valentine's Day Decorations
  3. Anti-Valentine's Day Music
  4. Anti-Valentine's Day Food
  5. Anti-Valentine's Day Look

Anti-Valentine's Day Party Ideas For All Lonely Hearts!


Anti-Valentine's Day Activities

Pinks hearts and chocolates and “til death do us part” not your thing? I feel you!

Sometimes we're not on such good terms with love when Valentine's Day rolls around either. Celebrate your feelings with these sad-but-rad Anti-Valentine's Day party ideas.

Get your friends to dress all in black and commiserate over the double-edged sword of love.

Anti-Valentine's Day Invitation

1. Start with Invitations

The wordings of this invitation say it all. It's crystal clear.

You hate V-day, that's why you need to host a party. It's a matter of perspective.

You ought to treat yourself and have fun with others on this day. Totally not sourgraping!

Anti-Valentine's Day Decorations

1. DIY Heart Pinata

DIY pinata in the floor | Anti Valentines Day Party Ideas

Get a heart-shaped pinata and paste on your own Anti-Valentine's Day slogan to get everyone hyped up. Make your own from this inspiration.

Pinata Definition: A colorful figure usually made from paper mache or clay containing candies, toys, and other treats.

2. Love Stinks Banner

Make a banner that shouts your gathering cry. “Love stinks,” “Love sucks,” “I think, therefore I’m single,” and other sayings, quotes, and slogans.

3. Anti Love Black Hearts Garland

Use construction paper for the hearts, and then use some paint to make blood-spatter on this anti- Valentine's Day heart garland. You can either hang it from your ceiling or on your walls.

4. Stupid Cupid Burlap Door Hanger

Having this Stupid Cupid burlap door hanger is a pleasant way to welcome your guests. This may be an anti-Valentine's Day party, but cheering them up through your decor is not a crime.

So, by all means, make them smile!

Anti-Valentine's Day Music

1. Love Stinks- Adam Sandler

Your party needs songs that express your exact feelings. “Love Stinks” seems to be the ultimate theme song for Anti-Valentine's day.

“This thing they call love, it's gonna make you cry…” How apt!

2. What's Love Got To Do With It?- Tina Turner

This Grammy Hall of Fame singer made this song a timeless reminder of “love as a second-hand emotion.” Adding this song to your playlist for your Anti-Valentine's day party will lead your guests to sing their hearts out too.

3. I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

This 1970's hit song is another timeless piece many single wounded ladies could relate. Play this music and your guests will hit the dance floor and dance their hearts away.

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Anti-Valentine's Day Food

1. Design an Anti-Valentine's menu — with extra spite!

We know we're supposed to say something nice. But then, what if that's not how you feel about V-day?

So, just say those anti-love messages and put them on these sweet treats!

2. Fries Before Guys (Free Printable!) Valentine's


French Fries are one of the best comfort foods. I wonder why this finger food is always appealing to people who are stressed out.

Now, customize your bags with this printable.

3. Stabbed Through the Heart Cupcakes


Ouch! Sometime's words are not enough. No amount of mean conversational heart cookies can beat the message this stabbed cupcake has conveyed.

4. Stupid Cupid Cocktail

Two glasses of cocktails | Anti Valentines Day Party Ideas

It's bitter, sour, sweet and salty – just like love. This Stupid Cupid cocktail recipe will simply release all the negative emotions people have experienced by loving someone.

Anti-Valentine's Day Look

1. Shattered Heart Nail Art

Wear your shattered heart on your sleeve. Recreate this DIY nail art if you plan to wear a black or red outfit.

This nail art will make you look dark and vampy!

2. Wear Boy Jeans

You don't want to wear too-feminine clothes on this day. Fine!

Let these boy jeans work for you. You will still look effortlessly chic and stunning with this type of clothing.


To complete your look, here's a makeup tutorial for your Anti-Valentine's Day party. Get ready with this video by NikkieTutorials:

So there you have it DIYers! Start planning and send your invites soon! For sure, you are not alone celebrating Singles Awareness Day. Plus, don't make this day a reminder of your horrible break-up, and this is also not the time to drown your sorrows!

This is a time to celebrate being single and free. This is only a season of your life that you need to go through. I went through this stage too, and I survived!

There are other things you can be happy about and be thankful for, so cheer up and enjoy your party!

Do you have other Anti-Valentine's day ideas you would like to share with us? Leave a comment down below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 10, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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