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9 Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

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Looking for free printable Valentines Day cards? We’ve got 9 absolutely adorable — totally free — printable cards. 

Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

It’s hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is already just around the corner! What? Didn’t we just get the last remnants of the Christmas décor back in the attic a few days ago? Hmph. Time sure has a way of flying by! So to help you save some time when prepping for Valentine’s Day, we’ve gathered a few quick and simple ideas for heart-filled giving.

Let’s start with what to give your character-obsessed love-bugs . You know, those I’m-wearing-my-princess-dress-even-if-it’s-20-degrees-and-snowing and the I’ll-take-my-light-saber-to-bed-with-me little ones who hold our hearts so dear.

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 Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

1. DIY Valentines Day Disney Princess Idea

To make a Princess themed favor kit, we recommend including:

  • A hot pink favor box
  • A customized sticker for decorating the box
  • Glitter lip gloss
  • Royal wristbands
  • A glowstick
  • A themed PEZ dispenser and candy.
  • A sheet of Disney Princess tattoos
  • A Disney Princess luggage tag
  • A tiara
  • A fairy wand


2. DIY Valentines Day Star Wars Idea

Gather up an assortment of character-themed goodies, both functional and fun, then package them in a cute gable-box embellished with a tailored sticker. Here’s what we think you should include:

  • A red favor box
  • A customized sticker for decorating the box
  • A paper mask
  • Star Wars themed wristbands
  • A Star Wars themed dog tag
  • A Star Wars themed luggage tag
  • A Star Wars themed disc shooter
  • A sheet of Star Wars themed tattoos
  • A themed PEZ dispenser and candy
  • A BB-8 eraser
  • A Star Wars pencil

DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Crafting homemade valentines for your kids to hand out at school doesn’t have to be an over-whelming or daunting task. With a collection of fun party favors and a few basic craft supplies you are well on your way to creating some adorable cards. The process becomes even easier if you use one of the free printables we’ve included here:


3. DIY Valentines Day Lollipop Idea

Kids of all ages love candy and bubbles. These gender-neutral valentines will certainly sweeten anyone’s heart when they pop open the envelope. Customizing swirled lollipops is easy with a pre-printed theme sticker. Click here for the free printable.


4. DIY Valentines Day Bubbles Ideas

Attach bubbles to card with foam adhesive then wrap with baker’s twine for an added special touch. For the little men in the class, try one of these no-pink-no–frills ideas. Click here for the Bubbles printable.


5. DIY Valentines Day Dinosaur Idea

Using Washi tape to attach the growing dinosaur is not only quick but decorative too. We love anything that does double duty! Click here for the Dinosaur printable.


6. DIY Valentines Day Robot Idea

This robot-themed card won’t easily be erased from the recipient’s memory … the robot erasers are too cute for that to happen. Click here for the Robot printable.


7. DIY Valentines Day Lip Balm Idea

Pink and pretty describe these last two valentine ideas … perfect for all the classroom ladies. Any flavor lip balm will be enjoyed, but these pink-bubblegum balms will just enhance the love theme. Click here for the Lip Balm printable.


8. DIY Valentines Day Princess four-fold Idea

Don’t let this four-fold card intimidate you. Gently pull any size envelope apart and use it as a template to make your own from cardstock. The flaps are held together by a coordinating cardstock band embellished with a customized sticker. For added pizazz, wrap the band with Washi tape and mat the sticker with a punched cardstock shape. Tie the bracelet with baker’s twine to make it easier to enclose in the card. Click here for the Princess printable.


9. DIY Valentines Day Teacher Lollipop Pen Idea

Of course we can’t forget about the teacher. Show your appreciation with this colorful bucket of lollipop pens for their desk.

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Lollipop pens
  • Washi tape
  • Clear paint bucket
  • Candy filler
  • Floral foam
  • Typing paper
  • Cake stabilizing dowel or bamboo skewer
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Step One: Hot glue the floral foam to the bottom of the bucket.
Step Two: Cut typing paper into 1-inch strips and tape to the bucket.

Step Three: Wrap bucket with Washi tape using typing paper strips as guides.

Step Four: Insert pens into floral foam.
Step Five: Fill bucket with candy.

Step Six: Construct sentiment tag using stacked circles, dowel and Washi tape.

Hope these quick and simple Valentine’s Day ideas will inspire you to create some homemade heart-filled gifts this year. Have a sweet and happy Valentine’s Day!


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