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25 Delectable Valentine’s Day Treats You Can Make

Feature | Woman holding hot chocalate beside heart shape cookies | Delectable Valentine's Day Treats You Can Make

With these DIY Valentine’s Day treats you can make at home and give everyone, the stomach is the way to the heart, indeed!

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DIY Valentine’s Day Treats That Look Too Good to Eat

1. Dark Chocolate Roses

Bouquets of roses are sweet but a tray full of these dark chocolate roses cupcakes are the sweetest! Valentine’s day cupcakes recipes such as this one aren’t only good-looking but they are also so moist, chocolatey, and taste so amazing.

2. Heart-shaped Rice Krispie Treat Pops

Surprise your kids with their lunch boxes having these delicious heart-shaped Rice Krispie Pops. You just need 15 minutes to prepare these cute Valentine’s Day treats.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your nephews, nieces, and your kid’s classmates, these treats are also the best to make.

3. Valentines Jello Hearts

If you’re a fan of Jello then this recipe is for you because they look simple but really pretty and eye-catching! I’m loving how these treats look so dainty with its white background and a perfect red heart shape in the middle.

4. Watermelon Heart Fruit Salad

I love fruits that’s why I’m a fan of these refreshing fruit mix treats.

These Valentine’s Day treats, especially, don’t need special skills to make. Only fresh fruits and a cute heart-shaped cutter.

5. Pink Ribbon Cinnamon Rolls

These pink ribbon cinnamon rolls are actually intended to show love and support for breast cancer patients. They are delicious treats you can feel good about, indeed.

This recipe is also versatile–you can swap the pink ribbon sprinkles for cute heart-shaped ones to make them perfect for Valentine’s Day–another time for love!

6. Strawberry Valentine Sugar Wafers

These strawberry Valentine sugar wafers are too pretty, it’s almost a shame to eat them! These treats can also be a great excuse for some family bonding and getting everyone involved in the kitchen.

7. Cupid’s Arrow Pretzel Treats

Heart-shaped cherry gummies, pretzels, and a few easy steps, and you got yourself these cupid’s arrow pretzels–adorable Valentine’s day treats to share with your loved ones!

8. Heart S’mores

These heart-shaped s’mores cookies is another recipe that is too easy yet really impressive. They are also so addicting so keep your eyes on these babies because they will disappear at your Valentine’s Day party very quickly!

What are S’mores? While almost everyone knows S’mores from childhood until now, did you know this graham sandwich with melted chocolate and toasted marshmallows filling is short for “some more”?

9. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

I have a friend who’s looking for the most delicious and beautiful whoopie pie recipe so she can make it on Valentine’s Day. I gave her this recipe, then.

She tried it already and told me she’s lucky to have a friend like me. I blushed!

10. Shot Through the Heart Cake Pops

Are you planning to throw a Valentine’s Day party and still looking for the best giveaway to make for your guests and family? These cake pops heart desserts should be it because they taste really good and look really charming, too!

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11. Valentine’s Day Slice N’ Bake Cookies

Have you ever seen cookies this delectable and pretty? Don’t worry! This Valentine’s Day slice and bake cookies recipe are easier than what you think. You have to give it a try!

12. Oreo Truffles Valentine’s Hearts

These truffles are probably the easiest and the most lovable truffles anyone could ever have! They are moist Oreo truffles with a decadent white chocolate coating.

13. Chocolate Covered Raspberries

Give your loved ones a fruity surprise in every bite with these chocolate-covered raspberry treats. Instead of cherries, this year, why not use raspberries! These are so chocolatey on the outside and so sweet and juicy on the inside!

14. Valentine’s Day Donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts, right? That’s why you should have at least one donut recipe on Valentine’s Day. Donuts are treats adored by people of all ages, and when they look these fabulous, I’m pretty sure we’ll love them even more!

15. Chocolate Sweetheart Cupcakes

Chocolate lover rejoice!

I have a yummy Valentine’s Day cupcake recipe for you to make which I’m sure you won’t be able to resist. If you really love chocolate and cupcakes, you should go for it!

16. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels are likely everybody’s go-to treats for every occasion.

This particular recipe is extra special and they all look sweet and truly adorable. Such a winning recipe for Valentine’s Day, indeed!

17. Meringue Hearts

These meringue are the simplest Valentine’s Day treat I’ve ever seen but that doesn’t make it any less impressive! Egg whites, cream of tartar, sugar, food coloring, and a simple heart-shaped motion with your piping bag and your delightful treats are ready and good to go!

18. Cherry Jam Heart Pie Pops

This recipe makes eating pie such a fun and delightful experience for everyone. Both kids and kids at heart will appreciate these Valentine’s Day heart pie pops with tasty cherry jam filling.

19. Valentine’s Day Covered Pretzels

Valentine’s Day treats don’t have to be complicated to look good and to please everyone. Even a simple pretzel recipe like this will make a crowd-pleaser treat on Valentine’s Day.

20. Strawberry Baked Doughnuts

Are you looking for a guilt-free Valentine’s Day treat? Look no further because you’ve already found it in this incredibly easy and delectable strawberry glazed doughnut recipe.

21. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

Enjoy these chocolate treats with fresh strawberries on the inside. You can give these treats as gifts to friends or end your Valentine’s Day dinner with these beauties!

22. Red Velvet Oreo Fudge

There are three amazing things for you to love about these red velvet Oreo fudge. First, they are so soft and chewy with a mild crunch.

Second, they taste as good as they look. And last but definitely not the least, these tasty treats need only three simple ingredients to prepare!

23. Heart-Shaped White Chocolate Bark Bites

For the kids, every treat is better with M&M’s and all sorts of sprinkles. And with these Valentine’s Day white chocolate bark bites, they will have the adults agree!

24. Sprinkle Oreo Pops

Make these easy and fun DIY sprinkle Oreo pops for Valentine’s Day. They are so colorful and yummy as well–they will make your inner child sing!

25. Valentine’s Bark

Vanilla candy coating, cherry chocolate M&Ms, and adorable sprinkles are what make this delightful bark ideal for Heart’s day. Place them in a favor bag, bundle them up with fancy ribbon, and give them to your family and special friends.


Watch this video from SweetAmbsCookies and learn how to easily decorate cookies for Valentine’s Day:

Sweets for the sweet is definitely our goal this Valentine’s Day. In fact, we want to double the sweetness by making these Valentine’s Day treats ourselves.

Let your family and friends feel your love with these homemade Valentine treats recipes you’ll put your heart into making!

Which Valentine’s Day treats are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 6, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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