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Do These Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts Now Before It’s Too Late

Wow! Welcoming the new year feels like it just happened yesterday and now, we're already getting ready for Valentine's Day. What are your plans for V-Day? Before you go on a date, make sure you set aside time to do these Valentine's Day crafts before it's too late.

Easy Valentine's Day Crafts to Share the Love With

Valentine's Day crafts are so much fun to make! For one, you don't have to buy a gift for your loved one anymore, and second, these things can actually become permanent decor in your home too. May it be sharing the love with a friend, a teacher, a co-worker, a brother/sister, mom/dad or anyone else, I'm sure there's a Valentine's Day craft here for everyone. Let's check out the lovely projects below:


1. Heart Tree

We all know about the lucky money tree, but this Valentine's Day, it's all about the love. Let this heart tree decor symbolize that love will continue to grow when love is deeply rooted in the heart. Cheesiness aside, it's a really pretty decor too!

2. Spiral Flower Heart Decor

Aren't those flowers lovely? Well, you need not just stare at them and wish that you can magically have one on display in your home. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to make these paper flowers! With the right colors, these flowers can be a permanent home decor.

3. Valentine Logs Candle Holder

I love candle holders! They're great for decorating and I can't get enough of them. But this Valentine's Day, these dry logs-turned-candle holders are made extra special. Carve your initials into the wood and prove that your love will be remembered forever.

4. Treasure Valentines

This Valentine's Day craft is very easy to do. All you have to do is look for a cheap treasure box and fill it up with yummy gold chocolate coins. It's a great gift to give a friend. After all, our friends are indeed treasures!

5. Friendship Bracelet Valentines

This one is a good DIY project for the kids. It's more personalized, which makes it extra special especially when given to friends. Friendship bracelets are classic gifts any time of the year, but especially during this holiday, it's nice to show appreciation and love to your friends by making them something handmade.

6. Stitched Heart Bookmarks

I must say, these stitched heart bookmarks are really cute! I think it makes a great gift for the young and old. I did this once last year, except it was St. Patrick's Day and I used a lucky clover instead of a heart. Everyone loved it and I made sure I kept some for myself. I'm now using them as clips for my notes and receipts.

7.  Love Bug Valentines

What's a cute way of telling someone you love them? By telling them you got the love bug of course! Except this time, you're taking it quite literally. I personally like the ladybug and I think the printable jar is really cute too!

8. Valentine Heart Pillow

One of the best ways to decorate your home according to specific event or occasion is by changing your throw pillow covers. This Valentine's Day, make this heart pillow using fabric heart cut-outs and some simple stitching techniques.

9. Yarn Heart Wreaths

Let's take the phrase “Tug at one's heartstrings” literally here. Simply wrap heart-shaped cardboard with yarn and you'll have cute and stylish home decor for the upcoming Valentine's Day!

10. Valentine Message Frame

Now this one won't even take five minutes to do, but isn't it adorable? The printable comes in a variety of colors and the only thing left for you to do is find the perfect photo frame for it.

11. Heart Thumbprint Platter

I think this project is fantastic! It's unique and personal. And I think this one is really made from the heart. A great project for the family to remember how they spent their Valentine's Day together!

12. Sweet Valentine's Day Wreath

Now isn't this cute? Too cute if you ask me! I'm in love with wreaths and if only I had more time in my day, I'm going to make more of them. This one, in particular, caught my eye and I think it's a beautiful wreath to hang on our front door this February.

13. You and Me on A Tree

There is no shortage of firewood this winter, which makes this an ideal project to do. Carve your initials into this firewood and let it be a reminder of the beautiful love you share with one another. You can even make this a yearly thing!

14. DIY String Heart

This is one of those projects that looks difficult to do but it's totally not! What I love about this project is that there's no exact pattern to follow when making the string heart. You can go crazy with it and it will still look beautiful!

15. Love Grows Here Front Door Decor

Start sharing the love right at your doorstep with this front door decor. Let everyone know that the Valentine's Day spirit has filled your home and you want everyone to feel the spirit as well!

16. Burlap Heart Wreath

What did I tell you about wreaths? And because of that, I have another one to share with you. This burlap heart wreath is oh-so-beautiful! Come on, red burlap? This is a must-do project for all DIY-ers out there!

17. Melted Crayons Valentine's Card

Probably the most fun Valentine's Day craft to do in this list is this melted crayon V-Day card. I'm sure you have old and broken crayons at home so it's time to put them to good use now. Oh and by the way, this project also involves baking (just no eating involved!).


If you still need another beginner level DIY project for Valentine's Day, check out this tutorial from Judy C.:

Valentine's Day comes only once a year and it's always a good thing to remind your loved ones how we love them and appreciate them. Through these simple DIY Valentine's Day crafts, I'm sure you'll successfully get the message across with your handmade works.


That's all the Valentine's Day craft ideas I have for you today. If you have some more ideas, I'm excited to hear about them. Please share them in the comments below.

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