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10 Valentines Day Nails | DIY Tutorials

Pink, red, hearts, flowers, candy — oh my! It must be Valentine’s Day again! So check out these 10 fabulous Valentine’s Day nails and feel the romance at the tip of your fingertips!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Nails to Show Your Love

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, nothing should get in the way of making your Valentine’s Day special. It has been a tradition in the family for two years now–we all do our nails during Heart’s Day (except for the boys, of course). My daughters love it because it’s one of those rare times I allow them to paint their nails. These Valentine’s Day nails are cute, romantic, and fun to do, so share the love and keep the romance in the air!


1. Valentine Nail Sticker

Often, it takes a real pro to make beautiful nail art. But with practice, any beginner can also do it. But if you’re still not a nail art expert, you may want to start with nail stickers first. This tutorial from Trendy Polish shows how you can draw on sticker paper before applying it on your nails.


2. Valentine Pink Heart

Pink heart lovers would die for this DIY nail art. You’d be surprised how much you can do with a toothpick and scotch tape! Irena’s Nail Art will teach you how to do these polka dots and marble nail art designs in the simplest way possible.


3. Clear with Stud Valentine Nail Art

If you like to add a touch of glam to your nail art, then adding some studs is the way to go! NailEasyDreamArt shows how to use a nail stamp and how to properly apply the studs. I would love this on my nails, so clean yet so chic!



4. Love Note Nail Art

What a great way to celebrate the love month with this love note nail art from NailEasyDreamArt. Express how you feel on your fingertips wherever you go. Isn’t it lovely?


5. Valentine’s Glitter & Hearts Nail Art

Nail stickers? Nope! HannahRoxNails actually hand-painted those cute little hearts and she’s sharing how she did it too. The kids really like this; I think it’s because of the colors. Anyhow, it’s easy doing it with your dominant hand, but when it’s time to do it on the other hand, it’s easier to use a nail decal instead.


6. Pink Kisses Valentine’s Nails

What’s Valentine’s Day without those sweet kisses? Share your kisses with this lovely nail art design. Kelli Marissa shares her secret on how to make these colorful kisses just by using a brush! Those kisses need not be perfect too.


 7. Candle Valentine’s Nail Art

At first, I thought the nail art was made from candle wax! It looks like the real thing, doesn’t it? Anyhow, this tutorial from Kumamiki shows you can achieve the candle- or marble-like effect on your Valentine’s Day nails without going to the nail salon!


8. Cath Kidston Inspired Nail Art

I’ve always been a huge fan of Cath Kidston’s designs! I’m in love with the flowers and I think that, aside from spring time, Heart’s Day is the best time to do this nail art design. Let iBeauty Boutique guide you into this step-by-step tutorial.



9. Valentine’s Day Nails with Toothpick

Now let’s not forget the signature colors of Valentine’s Day: red and white! If you want to go for the classic Valentine’s Day nails, this tutorial from Adorkable DIY corner is the one for you!


10. Vintage Gradient Handpainted Floral Nails

Valentine’s Day won’t be complete without our favorite flowers. To cap off this wonderful list of Valentine’s Day nails, here’s something from LacquerStyle that will surely inspire you to put in A+ effort on your vintage nail art!


Upon checking your nail polish stash, you may notice that there are several bottles that have already dried! Don’t worry, HannahRoxNails shares how you can easily restore dry/thick nail polish here:

I know how pricey it can get when you get your nails done in the salon. Not only that, I’m pretty sure the nail salon will also be packed come Valentine’s Day. So let’s all save ourselves the trouble and just do our nails at home with these cute Valentine’s Day nails! It’s a great way to bond with the kids on Heart’s Day too!


Do you have other awesome Valentine’s Day nail art designs you’d like to share? We will be happy to hear from you in the comments below!

Are you a beginner nail artist and want to do some more practicing? You can practice with these Easy Nail Art Designs!
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