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35 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas For DIYers

Feature | scissor and shamrock | St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for DIYers

Here are a few DIY St. Patrick’s Day party ideas that will leave you with a happy crowd and perhaps even a lucky streak!

In this article:

  1. Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Party Decoration Ideas
  2. Party Favors
  3. Felt Shamrock Pillow
  4. Rainbow Wreath
  5. Healthy Fruit Skewers
  6. Rainbow Backdrop
  7. Shamrock Headband
  8. Delicious Irish Appetizers for St Patrick’s Day
  9. Clover Treats
  10. Green Pancakes
  11. Potted Clover
  12. Homemade Green Beer
  13. Beer Bottle Labels
  14. Easy Sewing Decor For St. Paddy’s Day
  15. Shamrock Pinwheel
  16. Clover Napkin
  17. Seriously Delicious Green Desserts
  18. Cocktail Hour
  19. Decadent St. Patrick’s Day Cookies
  20. Green Flower Arrangement
  21. Fun St. Patrick’s Day Games For Kids
  22. Shamrock Macarons
  23. Rainbow Donuts

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas to Lure in Good Luck

Every time Saint Patrick’s Day comes around, I’m always busy prepping my home for our annual celebration. I invite all my closest friends, whip up a few fabulous homemade treats, and get to crafting some DIY St. Patrick’s day party themes.

If you’re planning a shindig to celebrate one of the luckiest days of the year, then this roundup will definitely come in handy. Aside from St. Patrick’s day food traditions, these decorations will make your celebration even more special!

Here are some of the best St. Patrick’s Day party ideas:

1. Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Party Decoration Ideas


Looking for more St. Patrick’s Day decorations? Whether you’re planning your party decorations or just doing some home decorations for St. Patrick’s day, you won’t run out of ideas with our list.

Make DIY party decorations that will wow your guests and give them the green Irish feel this St. Patty’s Day!

2. Party Favors


One of the best things about parties is the little favors guests can take home after. For this year, I’m making a DIY coconut lemon-lime sugar scrub I know my guests will fall in love with.

Don’t have any lemons or limes? No worries.

You can swap these with oranges and grapefruits.

3. Felt Shamrock Pillow

I’m thinking of propping this felt shamrock pillow on my living room couch where most of my guests will be staying. I reckon this little touch of clover will be a cute room accent.

By the way, I used the help of a stencil to get the shape of the shamrock just right. But, you can choose to do it freestyle as well.

4. Rainbow Wreath

Welcome people to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration with this rainbow wreath and hang it right outside your door. It’ll help set the celebratory mood for a festive day ahead.

Did you know the spiraled strips were made just by winding them on a pencil?

5. Healthy Fruit Skewers

Aside from the decorations, prepare some super delicious St Patrick’s day party food! Healthy fruit skewers are great appetizer ideas.

I like alternating the big and small pieces of fruit to make it look balanced. They’re easy to assemble and are absolutely delicious.

Your guests won’t be able to resist going back for seconds.

6. Rainbow Backdrop

Put this rainbow backdrop right above your table of treats. If you’ve got a white wall, then it’ll be perfect because the vibrant colors will stand out even more.

7. Shamrock Headband


This shamrock headband will look adorable on little girls. It’s a cinch to do because you don’t need to stitch anything, just some curling.

For little boys, you can use this as a boutonniere!

 8. Delicious Irish Appetizers for St. Patrick’s Day

If you want some clean green fun, add some Irish appetizers to your menu. You won’t fall short with appetizer recipes with this list that I’ve compiled to make sure that you’ll have a blast on your St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

9. Clover Treats

I’m planning to set these clover treats on my coffee table. That way, if my guests are in the mood for a treat, they can just grab one easily and continue mingling.

Feel free to choose measurements to your liking, but if you want a guide, I recommend a size of ¾ inch x 5.5 inches.

10. Green Pancakes

Planning a brunch get together? Have stacks of these green pancakes ready.

Don’t forget to have a side of Lucky Charms for garnish too!

11. Potted Clover


Bring some luck with a pot of clover. A word of warning, once you see pods forming, move the plant back to your garden.

If not, the seeds will go everywhere in your living room.

12. Homemade Green Beer


Want to go all out and serve green beer? Why not!

Making green beer is not rocket science. Simply mix your favorite pale beer with a few drops of green food coloring or blue liqueur, then voila!

You got yourself a homemade St. Paddy’s Day green beer as you listen to live music.

13. Beer Bottle Labels

My husband, Dave, likes to poke fun at me for these beer bottle labels. He says I’m only trying to prettify the bottle to make them more Pinterest-worthy.

But hey, what’s wrong with making things look more in-theme for the St. Patrick’s Day events, right? Here’s a tip, try and make sure the labels have the same width, and 3-3.5 inches is a good size.

14. Easy Sewing Decor for St. Paddy’s Day

Looking for something to sew for St. Paddy’s Day? Worry not, I have this list for you.

These easy sewing projects range from favor bags, table runners, placemats, throw pillows, hand towels, door decor, and the list goes on.

15. Shamrock Pinwheel


Kids love a good shamrock pinwheel. They’re so easy to make, too.

All you’ll need are some sheets of green paper, pencils, tacks, and a pair of scissors.

16. Clover Napkin

Show off your hosting skills by folding clover napkins for your formal dinner. It’ll look classy, and your guests will appreciate all the details you’ve made to keep in-theme.

By the way, don’t forget to use green napkins for this DIY trick.

17. Seriously Delicious Green Desserts

If you love green, these are the dessert ideas for you. These green St Patrick’s Day desserts and recipes will be perfect for your sweet tooth craving.

From cupcakes to truffles, I’m sure you’ll find the sweet treat you’re looking for!

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18. Cocktail Hour


I love a good cocktail or two. For St. Patrick’s Day, I’m planning to keep with the green theme by serving this Verdant Garden cocktail.

Cocktail drink specials are refreshing and have some of my favorite herbs like basil and mint.

What is a Verdant Green Cocktail? This is a spring drink with vodka, anise-flavored liquor, cucumber, celery, lemon, and some herbs.

19. Decadent St. Patrick’s Day Cookies


If you love sweet treats, this is the list you should be checking out. Make way for the cookie recipes you should make for St. Patrick’s Day!

They may not be officially part of the St. Patrick’s Day food traditions, but they definitely look and taste delicious as you watch the parade!

20. Green Flower Arrangement

Put together different shades of green for your St. Patrick’s Day-themed bouquet. You can use hydrangeas, tulips, or even your very own flowers from the backyard.

21. Fun St. Patrick’s Day Games For Kids


St. Patrick’s day fun party games shouldn’t cost you a fortune. With some creativity and imagination, kids can surely have fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 17.

Let them play sensory games, go on a treasure hunt, or find some leprechaun gold.

22. Shamrock Macarons

Aren’t these shamrock macarons so dainty and pretty? The trick to getting the shape right is by piping three mini hearts to form the clover.

It’s easy to do, I promise.

23. Rainbow Donuts

I am head over heels for these rainbow donuts. It doesn’t hurt the rainbows and forces me to split the donut into two, so I end up having more to serve.

It’s a win-win for both me and my guests.

24. Paper Origami Plants

Want to take your crafting skills to the next level? Make this paper shamrock origami plants this St. Patrick’s Day!

The leaves look modern, especially when the pots have fun geometric patterns. Include all shades of green to make the leaves for a more exciting DIY.

You can even add more art on the pots if you want to beef up its decorative value. These cute plants are a great addition to your St. Patrick’s Day décor.

25. Candy Cauldrons

Want to have other St. Patrick’s Day party ideas for kids? Check out these candy cauldrons you can entertain children with!

The process of making is so easy! Secure some kids’ cauldrons, print rainbow printables, and then stuff the cauldrons with sweets like gold candy coins.

26. Paper Plate Rainbow

Make the kids busy while having fun doing this paper plate rainbow craft on St. Patrick’s Day. This craft allows them to paint rainbow colors on the paper plate and green shades on the strings.

They can also decorate the paper plate rainbow according to how they want it to appear. Using cotton balls as clouds is a great addition to this.

Let the kids explore their creative skills more!

27. Gold Mason Jar Gift

You can use mason jars to give kids sweets on St. Patrick’s Day! You don’t have to do much for this DIY idea because you simply fill the jars with gold candy coins.

To make the gift more enjoyable, print tags and playful art for kids to stick on the jars or attach to the jars. You can also paint the jars with some playful designs.

28. Rainbow Pom Pom

Want more rainbow art in your collection of St. Patrick’s Day party ideas? Include this rainbow pom pom in your St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

What’s great about this craft is it’s not only wonderful for this coming St. Patrick’s Day but also for other celebrations. You can stick the pom pom on the wall, right above your food table, or any part of your house’s walls.

29. Shamrock Shake Bath Bomb

Start your St. Patrick’s Day fresh and clean with a DIY shamrock shake bath bomb. The bath bomb makes sure your skin will feel, smell, and look moisturized and nice.

You can even add a few sprinkles to it to add some decorative value and display it during the celebration. The steps in making this fragrant bath material are also easy and simple.

This is also a great St. Patrick’s Day gift you can give to your friends.

30. Sparkly Shamrock Wand

Wands for the kids? Make these sparkly shamrock wands and get your children involved in the making process.

But, you need to secure spray paint, gold coins, ribbon, wooden dowels, and foam craft shapes. Make plenty of wands by creating different shades of green for the shamrock craft shape.

31. Shamrock Shake Soap

If you have a shamrock shake bath bomb, you should also have the soap bar version of it. What’s interesting about this shamrock shake bath soap is you can make creamy and deep green versions.

Non-toxic green crayons are key to making these to achieve light and dark green colors. Vanilla and peppermint essential oils create the scent of the bath soap.

It’s a wonderful gift to friends on St. Patrick’s Day, too!

32. Eraser-Stamped St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

Have you tried pencil eraser stamping on shirts? This is your lucky day because you might have the right shirt for St. Patrick’s Day!

For the design of the stencil, you can use a large clover pattern. Make sure to use green paint and a white t-shirt to make this craft excellent.

Do this DIY craft for both adults and kids’ shirts for a family shirt.

33. Pom Pom Headband and Necklace

Love pom poms? Here is a DIY craft that you can use as a headband or a necklace on St. Patrick’s Day!

Create the pom using rainbow-colored yarns and then follow the instructions on how to basically make the pom poms. Once pom poms are ready, stitch them to an elastic thread and you’re all set.

Make the thread longer to have it as a necklace or tie it around your head to serve as a headband. The choice is yours, or you can do both.

34. Shamrock Party Hats

Adding party hats to your St. Patrick’s Day party ideas is a great choice. The hats are very easy to make, and your key ingredient is common in many households: shaving cream.

You need the foam of the shaving cream to create the marble pattern. Just mix green food coloring in the foam, then press the craft paper in it, remove it, wipe excess shaving cream, and that’s it!

All you need to do next is wait for the shaving cream to dry and then shape the card into a hat.

35. Rainbow Candy Jar

Sweets are always present on St. Patrick’s Day because both children and adults like them. What’s great about having sweets during the celebration is you can present them with a theme based on the event.

Place candies and other sweets in a transparent glass vase but style the container with the rainbow color. Tape up the stripes on the vase using painter’s tape, spray a small amount of adhesive and then cover it with glitters.


Looking for more St. Patrick’s Day DIY ideas? Watch this video by Brylan and Lisa:

St. Patrick’s Day is no longer just a celebration for the Irish. Now, everyone can get in on the fun and the luck!

I sure hope you found these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas fun and handy. They’re some of my faves, and I’ve already started making some of them last week.

What can I say? I love St. Patrick’s Day!

What are your St. Patrick’s party ideas and plans are? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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