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24 Creative Uses for Beer Bottles

Make cool DIY projects with beer bottles: They are the craft supply that just keeps on giving! Get into upcycling and make awesome beer bottle crafts for your home. From beer bottle glasses to lighting projects, I’m sure you’ll find good use for your beer bottle collection.

24 Creative Uses for Beer Bottles

24 Creative Uses for Beer Bottles

If you’ve recently learned how to cut glass bottles, I’m sure you’re dying to try craft projects with your beer bottle collection. Cutting glass bottles takes you a step closer to making cool DIY projects for home decor or lighting projects.

With all the barbecues we’ve had I’ve made a hefty beer bottle collection myself. I just can’t get myself to recycle them since I know there’s so much potential with what craft projects I can make with them. So with that, I did what I do best and searched the web for creative ways that I can use beer bottles. If you want a few upcycling projects to try, check out this list I created for your beer bottle collection.


Beer Bottle Crafts | Cool DIY Projects

1. Beer Bottle Glasses

Beer Bottle Glasses | 24 Creative Uses for Beer Bottles
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Want to know how to make beer bottle glasses? It’s a cool DIY project you can make in less than an hour. Click here to read more!

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2. Bottle Garden

Check out 24 Creative Uses for Beer Bottles at

If you want to garden while living in an apartment, try making a bottle garden. You can easily line them up on your windowsill. Get the instructions here.


3. Beer Bottle Candle Holder

Add some glitter to your candle holder to make it more special. You can customize the design to what you like. Check it out here.


4. Reinbeers

An easy kid’s craft that will keep the kids busy for a while. Have them make these adorable reinbeers with pipe cleaners and glue. See it here.


5. Beer Bottle Bud Vases

Just add some paint and design and you have yourself an easy DIY vase. It will make a great DIY home decor to brighten up any room. Get the tutorial here.


Not a beer drinker? Try these wine cork crafts instead!


6. DIY Beer Bottle Goblets

Goblets are so cool. I’m sure you’ll feel like a king drinking from these upcycled beer bottle goblets. Get the steps here.


7. DIY Beer Art

A super easy beer bottle craft for kids to make. Make colorful art as a gift idea or DIY card for Dad or anyone in the family. Check it out here.


8. DIY Table Number

Planning an event on a budget? If you need a creative way to decorate or make your table number, try this easy craft project idea. Check it out here.


9. Beer Bottle Lights

Stuffing string lights in beer bottle would make an amazing table centerpiece. You can also make a pathway for your guests to follow. See how here.


10. Patio Party Lights

Planning a dinner party in your patio? Make it more special by making these patio party lights from beer bottles. Get the tutorial here.


11. Beer Bottle Shot Glass

Here’s a great way you can use the top part of the beer bottle in case you’ve used the lower half for your DIY glasses. See it here.


12. Glass Bottle Tiki Torch

Perfect for a backyard barbecue, make these easy DIY torches for an amazing experience. Get the instructions here.


13. Beer Bottle Candles

Cut your beer bottles and make these stunning beer bottle candles. It makes a great room decor and gift idea. Find out how to make your own candles here.


14. Beer Pong Trophy

Having a beer pong tournament? Make this DIY trophy that really emphasizes the game. You just need some beer bottles, three pieces of wood, plastic cup, ping pong ball and some glue.


15. Beer Bottle Bracelet and Hair Band Holders

Did you know that you can also organize with beer bottles? Just spray paint your beer bottle and you’ve got yourself a DIY bracelet and hair band organizer. See it here.


16. Twine Wrapped Bottles

Glue twine to your bottles and make a stunning room decor. See it here.


17. Beer Bottle Lamp

This would be the perfect lighting project for a man cave. See how you can make it here.


18. Beer Bottle Sharpie

Paint your beer bottles white and let your kids have fun drawing their unique designs. You can even make it a living room decoration after. See it here.


19. DIY Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shaker

This is a super easy craft project that requires little to no skills at all. Check it out here.


20. Beer Bottle Soap Dispenser

Upcycle your beer bottle by adding a liquor dispenser and turning it into a soap dispenser. See it here.


21. Aluminum Copper Colored Beer Bottle LED Light Chandelier

The title may be a mouthful to say but I’m sure you would agree it’s a pretty cool project to make. Get the tutorial here.


22. Beer Bottle Wind Chime

If you love the sound of bottles softly clanking together then this is the beer bottle craft for you. Check it out here.


23. Aqua Globes

Keep your plants alive even when you go away with this ingenious idea. See it here.


24. DIY Bird Feeder

Feed the birds with this easy beer bottle craft. It makes a great backyard decor too. Check it out here.


Before you get all the beer bottles that you need for your beer bottle crafts, why not learn some beer life hacks from CrazyRussianHacker:


So which beer bottle craft are you going to try today? Let us know below in the comments!

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