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21 Decadent St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Recipes

This year, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with delicious homemade St. Patrick’s Day cookies! You’ll definitely love these creative and fun cookies perfect for this happy occasion!

St. Patrick’s Day Cookies For Leprechaun Lovers

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Take a bite of these St. Patrick’s Day cookies! I’ve got loads of recipes you can choose from. There’s even a no bake recipe in the list!

I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s with a whole dessert tray of my favorite cookies. I love keeping in theme during special occasions, and St. Patrick’s day isn’t exempted when it comes to going all out on the festivities. It’s the one day when you can go crazy with green food coloring, mint flavors, and so much more! Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day cookies!


1. Double-Decker Rainbow Shamrock Cookies

Check out 21 Decadent St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Recipes at

There’s something about these double-decker rainbow shamrock cookies that make me (and my tummy) happy! By the way, you can choose to put either a shamrock or a pot of gold as the upper layer of the cookie. It’s all up to you!


2. Mint Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

Check out 21 Decadent St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Recipes at

This minty and chocolatey treat would look perfect on your St Patrick’s day dessert table. The secret to making these cookies is a pack of wafer cookies you can use straight out of the box.


3. Green Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let’s go green on a fresh batch of yummy chocolate chip cookies! Although this recipe doesn’t call for mint chocolate, they can simply be added in if you’d prefer.


4. Andes Mint Thumbprint Cookies

Check out 21 Decadent St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Recipes at

They’re not only elegant-looking, but they’re also easy to make. Each chocolate-mint thumbprint is adorned with a piece of creme de menthe chocolate candy that adds another layer of texture and sweetness to the cookie.


5. Green Tea and White Chocolate Cookies

Are you a fan of both green tea and white chocolate? Then you should try this dessert idea. Whether served in a party or given as a gift, everyone will love receiving them. When baking with matcha, always remember to use ones that come in a beautiful green color. The dull green ones are usually of a lower quality and don’t taste as nice.


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Which ones are your favorite? There can never be too many St. Patrick’s day cookies so feel free to do many of these awesome sweet treats!

Don’t forget to show us photos of your St. Patrick’s day cookies! We’d love to hear about your stories in the comments section.

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