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11 Easy Yarn Wall Hangings Ideas To Gift Your Friends For Special Occasion

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If you think a yarn wall hanging will make the perfect gift for your friends, you’re exactly right! These creative and decorative works of art are so fun to make, and I’m sure you’ll have a blast making a few to give away for special occasion! To get you started, I have here a list of incredible yarn wall hangings ideas.

Admittedly, I am a bit late to the yarn wall hanging party. But when I realized how fun and easy they were to make, I couldn’t stop getting creative with copper pipes, embroidery hoops, and chunky yarn! I think their appeal lies in the fact they are simple yet eye-catching, and each piece is a labor of love. This is why everyone in my family will be receiving some homemade yarn wall hangings from me this year!

Get Crafty With These Yarn Wall Hangings Ideas

Once you start crafting your own yarn wall hangings, there’s no turning back! There’s something therapeutic about spinning soft yarn into something truly awesome! Regardless of home decor style or taste, there’s sure to be a yarn wall hanging that will look good on your friends’ and family’s walls. So get your materials ready because you’re definitely going to make some for the special people in your life! I hope you’ll be inspired by this list of yarn wall hangings ideas.


1. Color-blocked Yarn Wall Hanging

Now that’s a pop of color at it’s finest. The colors may be muted, but when grouped together, the finished piece makes quite an arresting statement! Take your cue from this wall hanging idea and cut your yarn at angled lengths for maximum visual impact.


2. Copper and Blue Yarn Wall Hanging

A striking color combination, don’t you agree? Your nephew or kid brother will love having this regal and bold yarn wall hanging up in his room. Calling all Potterheads—doesn’t this just scream Ravenclaw?



3. Dreamcatcher Yarn Wall

Looking for a unique gift for the family’s newest addition? These cute and playful dreamcatcher yarn wall hangings make superb nursery décor. You can consider customizing the colors to match the room, too.


4. Gold Dipped Yarn Hanging

The golden ombre effect on this yarn wall hanging definitely adds a luxe touch. Cop this simple wall hanging with a brass or copper hoop and creamy-toned yarn. Experiment with other metallic hues to make your own unique decor!


5. Minimalist Gray Yarn Hanging

Neutral hues and clean lines are very popular décor choices as of late, so this minimalist gray DIY yarn wall hanging is the perfect accessory for any modern home.


6. Nude Palette Tassels

These quirky nude tassels prove that when we think about yarn wall hangings ideas, it pays to think out of the box. Upgrade your standard wall hanging by making oversized tassels instead.


7. Pompom Wall Art

Girly-girls, rejoice! I’ve found the perfect yarn wall hanging for you! Cute multicolored pompoms form an abstract art piece that adds a dainty and feminine touch to any space. This is one décor idea that will last through any age—I’m a grown woman and I’d still love to have one on my wall!


8. Tassel Art Yarn Wall Hanging

How dreamy is this white tassel art wall hanging? It’s amazing what yarn can do! As far yarn wall hangings go, this is absolutely extraordinary!


9. Turquoise and Cream Dip-Dyed Wall Hanging

Is it just me, or is this wall hanging giving me some major beach vibes? The turquoise dip-dye reminds me of the ocean! What a perfect gift to give the surfers and beach bums in your life!



10. Yarn and Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Incorporating eucalyptus into your yarn wall hangings is a creative way to enhance the natural, homemade feel of your design. Bring nature indoors by experimenting with different dried leaves and herbs in your yarn wall hangings.


11. Yellow and Gray Yarn Tapestry

The symmetry of this tapestry coupled with the warm and homey colors relaxes me so much! Doesn’t it make you think of sunrises? It’s a beautiful reminder to chill out and calm down—a gift everyone needs!


Did you fall in love with these DIY yarn wall hangings ideas like I did? If you have room in your heart for one more, here's a tutorial for a Boho wall hanging from Amanda Faye:

I'm pretty sure that your friends will adore you for giving them any of these yarn wall hangings. Who would not love a chic and stylish wall decor? And what makes your gift super special? You made it for them. It's the labor of love that makes these yarn wall hangings precious. So enjoy making one this weekend. Happy Crafting!

Which of these yarn wall hangings ideas will you be making for someone special? Let me know in the comments below! Still in the mood for more DIY projects? Check out these 7 DIY Projects | Things You Can Make Using Dried Herbs!


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