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23 DIY Throw Pillow Ideas To Spruce Up Your Living Room

Making a DIY throw pillow to decorate your living room with is a great idea to pass the time. If sewing is your hobby and you want some living room decorations, you’re in luck! You can now use your skills to make some of these DIY throw pillows. Read on and choose from these 23 wonderful ideas and get started now. It’s all awesome and inspiring, too!

23 DIY Throw Pillow Ideas

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Have you been stuck in a living room decorating rut? I was, until recently, when I went to my sister’s house for a family gathering and saw some beautiful pillows displayed in her living room. So, I definitely got inspired to make some new throw pillows to brighten up my space! Since I’m a dedicated DIYer, why not bring my own DIY throw pillow ideas to life, right? 🙂

So I searched for more inspiration online and saw some gorgeous DIY throw pillow tutorials! And I thought of sharing some of my favorite ones–most of them are so simple and easy to do! Check them out and I hope you find them as inspiring as I did!

Sewing is such a fun hobby! You can easily pick up different sewing patterns found on the Internet, and from then, explore creating and sewing your own projects that fit your own unique concept, design, and personal style! So, it isn’t just an enjoyable way to pass the time, but it’s one that enhances your knowledge, creativity, and motor skills through thinking, designing, and styling.

Today, you’ll get to discover some new throw pillow ideas designed to spruce up any living room. Take a look at each of them and start sewing them for your home too. Happy sewing!


1. Denim Throw Pillow

Check out 23 DIY Throw Pillow Ideas To Spruce Up Your Living Room at

A throw pillow made from denim is such a smart idea! Denim is versatile; it isn’t only for pants, jackets, or bags. A little dose of creativity transforms it into something unexpected, like these pillows! So, if you’d like to upcycle your old jeans, make this denim throw pillow.


2. Pom Pom Pillow

Check out 23 DIY Throw Pillow Ideas To Spruce Up Your Living Room at

Pom poms add a touch of fun to any throw pillow. This particular design would make a wonderful display for spring or summer. But, it’s your home, you can always have pom poms throw pillow all year round if you like.


3. Petal Pillow

Check out 23 DIY Throw Pillow Ideas To Spruce Up Your Living Room at

The red flower design on this pillow creates a feminine look. The key is to find coordinating fabrics  to create a beautiful petal throw pillow.



4. Sprocket Pillow

You’d love to sew and display this beautiful sprocket throw pillow on your own couch. They’re so dapper and can be decorated with a button in the middle.

5. White Pillows

Check out 23 DIY Throw Pillow Ideas To Spruce Up Your Living Room at

A selection of white-on-white pillows looks dreamy, but they work well with any other assortment of colors because white is so flexible! So, are you inspired to make one of these? Sew one or two now.


Watch this video of Sewing an Envelope Pillow Cover by Melanie Ham:


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Have you chosen which one to sew? Instead of buying, you can now make your own! Isn’t this great? You not only get to save some money, sewing also allows you to be more creative!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know by sharing a comment below!

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