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DIY Round Beach Towel Or Blanket For Your Next Beach Getaway

girl lying down on towel | DIY Round Beach Towel Or Blanket For Your Next Beach Getaway | featured

Having a round beach towel is a fun beach trip or summer vacation essential. Not only is it fun to look at, but it's also very useful especially for swimming.

A round beach blanket is a little bit easier to carry around than a regular towel because of the difference in size, and creating your own DIY towel makes it so much better!

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Here's How to Create Your Own Watermelon Round Beach Towel!

What You Will Be Needing:

  • A round white towel or towel fabric cut into half-meter or bigger based on your preference
  • Fabric dye – red, green and black (liquid or powder)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • A pair of gloves
  • Some rubber bands
  • Buckets for your dyes (one bucket per color)
  • A sponge brush
  • A piece of paper for your stencil
  • Green pompoms (optional)
  • String

Step 1: Find the Center

Find the center of your round towel. You can do so by folding it in half, then folding again to create a triangle with a round bottom.


  • The tip of the triangle should be your center. If you don't want to fold it, you can just lay your round beach towel flat and pinch the center.

Step 2: Tie Your Rubber Bands

Once you've found the center of your round beach towel, you are going to hold it or pinch it and bunch your towel to create an elongated shape.

Then, grab two strong rubber bands and tie them towards the end, leaving enough space between each other.


  • Make sure your rubber bands are tight as possible so you can reinforce it with a string.
  • We are using two colors for this DIY and we do not want those colors to bleed too much on the fabric and blend with each other. Therefore, we are creating a thin blank space in between them.

Step 3: Time to Dip and Wring!

Now, let's add some color to your plain white towel! Prepare both your green and red dyes according to package instructions.

For this step in your DIY watermelon round beach towel, you would be needing somebody to help you with wringing the fabric down or dipping it into the bucket of dye.

Now, dip the towel center side down into your red dye bucket. Keep dipping it slowly until it is near your rubber band tie.

Let it dry then repeat the process on the other side for the green part.

Things You Need to Remember:

  • Stop right before the surface of the dye water reaches the string or your rubber band. Keep holding it in place to make sure that the towel soaks in the dye and no white spaces are left in the center.
  • Don't panic when the colors start to bleed. This is why left a big space in the middle aside from the white part of the watermelon — for the colors to bleed on.
  • Wring out the excess dye to avoid the red from touching the other parts of your towel.

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Step 4: Let's Paint Seeds!

Let your dyed towel dry completely and remove the rubber bands or strings. Create your stencil by tracing a teardrop shape onto a piece of paper and cutting it out.

Lay your stencil on top of the red area of your dried towel. Using your sponge brush, carefully tap a light layer of your black paint.

Repeat this process across the red area and make sure to space each seed out, with the tip of your teardrop shape facing inwards. Let your black paint completely dry.

Step 5: Sew the Trimmings!

The final step in this watermelon round beach towel is an optional one. Grab your green pompom trimming and sew along the whole circumference of your beach towel.

You can use other trimmings for this, like fringe or a nice patterned ribbon. If trimmings aren't your thing and you're already happy with your watermelon towel, then you can just leave it as is. It's up to you!

The final product should look like this:


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Here is another tutorial from HGTV Handmade! On a budget No-Sew DIY Round Blanket just for you! Enjoy the tutorial:

And there you have it for a very easy round beach towel tutorial inspired by a watermelon! As mentioned above, the sky is the limit with your options.

You can make a lime, an orange, or even a tie-dye pattern. The possibilities are endless!

What did you think of this colorful and beautiful DIY on how to create your own watermelon-inspired round beach towel? Tell us in the comments section below!


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