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DIY- Personalize Your Bath Towels

Personalize your towels, rags and even your clothes if you want to and we can show you how.  Are your kids constantly fighting over their clothes? Well this will help to resolve those problems; with perfectly personalized towels your little ones will never complain about their brother or sister stealing their towels. And if you want to find out who keeps leaving their towel on the bathroom floor, just check the name, its that simple!

Learn how to personalize your bath towels

Here’s another fun and super easy tutorial from Jaime Costiglio.  Other than a clean towel, you’ll need a few other items to for this fun project as well. Keep in mind that a printer and computer are also required for this one!


  • Clean Towel
  • paper cotton fabric
  • Pencil
  • computer
  • printer
 For this tutorial blue towels and a plaid print was used, however you can feel free to experiment with whatever colors you prefer.
1. Print the name or names you plan to use on the towel ( Ariel font in 250 point was used for this tutorial)and paper cotton fabric for letters using med. weight fusible interfacing.
2. To make letters place print out right side down on light box.
Place fabric right side down on top of print out and trace letter outline with pencil directly onto interfacing:
3. Cut out letters and pin in place on towel then zig zag stitch:
(If you’re concerned about letters shifting consider using double sided heat-n-bond fusible webbing on back side of letters, same process as interfacing but a slightly crunchier feel to letters.)
That’s all folks, I told you this one would be super easy.

Were you able to make your very own personalized towel? Tell us all about  it in the comment section.

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