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15 Fun Christmas Outdoor Garlands To Make With Your Kids

festive-background-citrus-garlands-dried-fruits | 15 Fun Christmas Outdoor Garlands To Make With Your Kids | Featured

Make your Christmas celebration fun and festive by being crafty and wrapping your home with these outdoor garlands you can make with your kids.

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15 DIY Outdoor Garland Decorating Ideas You Can Make With Your Kids for Christmas

1. Popcorn Garland

red-christmas-balls-on-tree-background | christmas

Popcorn isn’t just great for snack time. When combined with cranberries, it can also be used to create a classic outdoor garland. Make this fun foodie craft with your kids by simply stringing them together and filling around 24-36 inches of thread.

Hang it on a tree and enjoy Christmas with your family and friends. After the holiday season, you can dismantle this craft and feed it to the birds.

2. Puzzle Piece Garland

Let your kids use their puzzle pieces floating around their playroom in making this Christmas decor. This way, they can also learn how to be creative by reusing their old items.

Paint them with Christmas colors to complement your existing decorations. Finish it off with some pine leaves, attach it to a string, and hang it outdoors.

3. Lighted Burlap Garland

Brighten up your home and proudly display this outdoor garland for a more festive and happier Christmas celebration. Combine lights and ribbon to create a rustic and country-inspired look.

This is a fun and easy craft to do with your kids. It only takes a few minutes to finish, and you won’t even have to worry about any shedding.

4. Dried Fruit Garland

making-christmas-decoration-garland-dry-orange | artificial christmas garland

You don’t have to buy expensive Christmas decors to add colors to your home when you can dehydrate various fruits. Use dried oranges, apples, and pears, and insert walnuts or cranberries in between to create a cheerful outdoor garland. You can also add tassels and bay leaves, and finish the look with a velvet bow.

Head now to your kitchen and look for the items you’ll need. Let your guests fall in love with this sweet-smelling outdoor garland.

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5. Book Page Garland

reative-garland-book-pages | diy garland

Aside from donating, DIYers who love reading can also use books to create a Christmas decor. Rather than throwing them out, you can recycle crumpled pages and transform them into a garland.

Simply grab all the pages you can find and pass a piece of yarn through all the pages to hold everything together.

6. Paint Chip Garland

When your local hardware stores give you free items such as paint chip samples, utilize them to make a DIY Christmas decor. Your kids won’t have a hard time doing this garland as the samples are already pre-colored and pre-cut.

Enjoy stringing these paint chips together and be creative in combining colors. You can also decorate them with patterns and designs using a white paint pen or Wite Out.

7. Pom-Pom Garland

shallow-depth-field-close-on-yellow | christmas garland

Pom poms are colorful, very pleasing to the eyes, and cute. Best of all, creating a DIY outdoor garland with it is very easy to do.

Simply insert your needle with thread through the middle of each ball. No matter how long you want the strand to be, your kids can help you out in completing this project in no time.

8. Paper Leaf Garland

Be it a summer party or winter gathering, you can use this artsy outdoor garland for any type of occasion. You just need pieces of green paper, a pair of scissors, and glue.

Use multiple shades of green to jazz up this outdoor garland. It can also serve as your backdrop when taking family photos. Keep going until you reach your desired length, and create a jungle vibe in your home.

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9. Candy Garland

christmas-new-year-decorations-candy-canes | outdoor christmas garland for fence

Your kids will surely enjoy making this cute and colorful garland made of sweets. Just tie candies like candy canes together, then string them onto yarn or rope.

Aside from Christmas, you can also make this edible garland for your kids’ birthday parties. This craft is easy to make that it only requires little parental supervision.

10. Thread Spool Button Garland

stylish-flat-lay-craft-envelope-decorated | diy christmas garland

Don’t throw out your old thread spools, spare buttons, and scrap fabrics. Make a trip to your sewing room and teach your kids the art of recycling with this unique decoration.

Use Christmas colors such as red and green, and level up this craft by adding ribbons and scrapbook paper. This outdoor garland is sure to catch the attention of your guests and neighbors.

11. Crochet Garland

knitted-goby-stands-next-new-years | christmas tree garland

If you want a Christmas decor with a chain design but made of sturdier material than paper, this outdoor garland is a perfect idea. While making this craft, you can also teach your kids how to crochet at an early age.

This holiday garland can be used year after year. Make your home bright and festive by using different colors of yarn.

12. Lighted House Garland

luminous-garland-paper-houses-new-year | garland with lights

Create small houses out of folded paper. Put the hole on top and use Christmas lights to serve as a string to hold the houses in place.

13. Snowflake Garland

Get into the holiday spirit and let it snow in your home with these 3D paper snowflakes. It might look like professional skills are required to make one, but it’s actually easy to do and kid-friendly.

Bring the beauty of snowfall and display this outdoor garland all winter long. Impress your guests with this handmade decor that looks store-bought.

14. Face Mask Angels Garland

diy-angel-made-medical-face-masks | outdoor christmas decorations

Since this year’s Christmas will be different from the past years because of the pandemic, keep your decors in theme by creating angles out of folded face masks. Fold two masks together — the one will be the wings and the other will serve as a dress. Connect each angel with its ear loop.

15. Pinecone and Cranberry Garland

christmas-fir-with-pinecone-and-garland | pine garland

Pull off that rustic vibe in your home with a strand of pinecones and cranberries. Join your kids in wandering around the woods to pick up a bag of pinecones, and hang this garland anywhere in your home.

You can either bleach the pinecones for a countryside vibe or just let its fresh and natural colors pop out. Use artificial cranberries if you want your garland to last longer.

Spread holiday cheer and make this time of the year memorable and meaningful for your little ones. Spend quality time with your kids and let them help in decorating your home with these Christmas outdoor garland ideas.

What other outdoor garland crafts do you have in mind? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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