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12 Totally Unique DIY Christmas Decorations

Feature | Totally Unique DIY Christmas Decorations

Because the holidays are the perfect opportunity to make some unique DIY Christmas decorations, check out some of our favorite Christmas decoration ideas to make your holiday decor look more festive than ever.

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DIY Christmas Decorations for a Unique Holiday Celebration

1. Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Have piles of plastic spoons left over from summer picnics and barbecues? Put them to good use this Christmas and create your own adorable plastic spoon Christmas trees!

2. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Check out 12 Totally Unique DIY Christmas Decorations at

This tutorial for mason jar snow globes uses trees, but you can put anything you’d like in your snow globes. This Christmas project makes great last-minute DIY Christmas gifts.

3. 3D Paper Star

If you don’t mind harming a few old books, you can make these incredibly simple and adorable 3-D paper stars. It will definitely add a creative touch to your holiday decor.

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4. Wine Glasses Candle Holder

Make a batch of these winter wonderland themed-wine glasses using easy-to-find materials and home items. They look stunning and festive enough to deserve a spot among your Christmas decor this year.

5. Bottle Cap Snowmen

Follow this bottle cap snowmen tutorial for adorable and unique Christmas ornaments to make with your whole family this Christmas season.

6. Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

A great option if you don’t have the room (or money!) for a full-sized Christmas tree. This creative and stunning Christmas tree ornament mobile is a great substitute to traditional Christmas trees.

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7. Sparkleballs

Need a bright, bold, colorful, and unique DIY Christmas decoration? Make sparkleballs! They’re made out of clear plastic cups and Christmas lights, and create a magical effect for any home.

8. Wire Trees

If big and bold isn’t your thing, what about small and subtle? If you’re looking for a cute little DIY Christmas project, make these simple wire trees. They’re quick and easy to make, and will bring just the right amount of subtle holiday spirit to your home or office.

9. Paper Icicles

When you want to bring snow and ice into your home to celebrate Christmas, it’s best to leave the real stuff outside. Instead, make your own icicles out of paper!

10. Tiny Origami Santa

If you’re an origami fanatic, these are the perfect little DIY Christmas decorations to make. I will definitely be making a bunch of these next year and at least a couple for this year.

What Is Origami? It is the Japanese art of folding papers to create different objects or figures.

11. Sequin Sparkles Ornament

For those who love sparkles in their Christmas decor, this sequin sparkle ornament is the perfect DIY project. I bet these DIY Christmas ornaments will be outstanding once you light up your Christmas tree.

12. Flameless Fire Pit

When you don’t have a fireplace, your home can feel a bit un-cozy around Christmas. Fortunately, you don’t need real fire to get that warm, comforting glow! Check out the tutorial on how to make this flameless fire pit here.


Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at this video from Innova Crafts for more unique DIY Christmas craft ideas:

There you have it! Go all out on your decorations with these 12 totally unique DIY Christmas decoration ideas. Christmas will only be as merry as you make it, so start creating your own decorations now to make the holiday more special than ever. Happy crafting!

Which of these unique DIY Christmas decoration ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 19, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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