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Simple Christmas Decorations | 25 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

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Want to decorate for the holiday season but short on time? These simple Christmas decoration DIY ideas are here to save the day!

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Simple Christmas Decorations to Make Yourself

1. Hanging Star and Christmas Trees


This is a twig craft for Christmas! This craft project will definitely cost you little to nothing. They're also easy and simple, they won't take much of your time at all.

First, grab some twigs and turn them into these creative and simple Christmas decorations to make yourself. You can even string them into a garland perfect for the holiday season.

2. Naturally Glamorous Christmas Centerpiece


It's glam and rustic, plus it's a fancy and delightful centerpiece you can do in just a couple of minutes.

You can even make extras, given you have more time, and gift them to your loved ones.

3. DIY Pine Cones Kissing Ball Tutorial

Any DIY junky who loves to invite friends and relatives over for Christmas will have fun with this Christmas decor. It's an adorable DIY kissing ball with pine cones you can make with this video tutorial from Factory Direct Craft.

You can hang this holiday decor indoors on your entryway or the porch for some cozy and sweet smooching time.

4. DIY Clay Ornaments


Hang DIY clay ornaments on your tree this year for a brand-new look. Go fancy and festive this holiday season without going over the budget with these easy and affordable decorating ideas.

The entire process does take 24 hours, but that's only because you have to let the clay dry. But, they're such amazing Christmas tree decorations – it's all worth the wait.

5. Paper Ball Holiday Ornaments


Mix and match patterns and color to create delightful paper ball ornaments. It may feel like origami, but trust me, it's not as complicated.

Origami Definition: A type of Japanese art involving the folding of paper into creative figures and shapes.

These simple Christmas decorations are so much easier. You'll just need a couple of strips of paper, some thread, and some simple skills to turn it into a ball.

You can make this with your kids and even turn it into a bonding moment and let the whole family help out.

6. DIY 3D Paper Snowflakes DIY

We have to warn you, this DIY Christmas craft from Becca Bliss is super easy and fun, it can be addictive. In fact, I for one am a casualty after spending one afternoon, making a table full of these.

You can adjust the paper sizes depending on the variety of sizes you want. I also tried it on some metallic gift-wrapping foil for more festive holiday decorating ideas.

7. Handmade Star Wire Holiday Ornaments


This star wire ornament makes great unique homemade Christmas tree decorations. The only hard part of this holiday project would be making the template, but once you've done it, you're home free!

8. Creative Tree Branch Centerpiece

With the winter season in full swing, bare twigs, and branches from last autumn should be abundant around you. A few of those could make a whimsical table centerpiece perfect for Christmas.

This video tutorial from Handy Emma should give you the idea. Make your own version for Christmas if you want to go with the classic holiday ornaments.

9. Pallet Christmas Tree


This “Christmas tree” pallet project makes a great porch decoration — or even a lovely indoor holiday decor. The text is optional.

Of course, you can be as creative as you want with it. It's a fun experience with a bonus of a DIY Christmas decoration you can use for years to come.

10. DIY Snowy Branches

From this DIY snowy branches idea in this video by Lynn Petersson, you can create more elaborate Christmas decorating ideas. Boost your Christmas centerpiece, outdoor decorations, and Christmas mantel decoration with this wonderful addition.

11. Gingerbread Garland


A totally unique and cute garland, it looks so yummy I could eat it all up. But, these gingerbread men aren't edible, so keep them high and out of children's reach.

12. Winter Tree DIY Wall Art


This is a simple but elegant Christmas wall art. It's so easy to make I can probably make a couple of them and hand them out as Christmas presents.

With this DIY wall art idea and a bit of creativity, you can make different designs too.

13. Dollar Store Plastic Hanger Snowflakes DIY

With only plastic hangers and zip ties for materials, what DIY Christmas decor could be simpler? Digging this one?

Check out the tutorial in this video from JuNxtaposition. You can add Christmas lights for great outdoor decorating ideas both for daytime and nighttime.

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14. DIY Pine Cones Centerpiece

With natural materials, you can find around you, this is indeed one rustic and sustainable DIY project to love. Follow how simple this Christmas decor is in this video from The Sweetest Journey.

Take caution though, with candles in the middle of natural materials, the whole thing could be flammable. We suggest lighting it only at dinner time for a cozier ambiance.

15. Jingle Bell Elves


Say hello to these super adorable DIY elf decor. The gray color gives it a more modern look, but of course, you can use red or green to make your little elves a little more traditional.

16. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Wreath

All those toilet paper rolls you saved are coming out with this tutorial from Craftastic. It doesn't get any simpler than these Christmas DIY ideas you can make from cut toilet paper rolls.

17. Sparkly Branches | DIY Christmas Decorations


Who knew regular old branches could look so whimsical and Christmas-y? With a little paint and some glitter, branches with spindly twigs can be magical this holiday season.

18. How to Tie a Bow

This Christmas, learning how to tie a bow can be a very valuable skill to have handy. And, this tutorial from Michaels Store will take care of it for you.

You can never go wrong with bows. You can add it to your DIY wreath, Christmas tree, Christmas mantel, Christmas candles, and don't forget, your gifts.

19. Picture Frame DIY Christmas Decor


Help yourself to this super cool and easy Christmas holiday decor or gift! You'll just need a frame, some bells, a little creativity, and you're well on your way to making this picture frame decor.

20. DIY Modern Wreath Tutorial

Simple and minimalistic are pretty much synonyms, and that is what the modern decor is all about. It goes for simpler materials with a monochromatic color theme.

You can go for natural materials, from pine cones, pine branches, and anything you can think of. If that's your cup of tea this year, then you'll dig this DIY modern wreath tutorial from Sarah Ashley.

21. DIY Christmas Fabric Sign


The fabric on a frame makes for a stylish and neat craft. Double it with a transfer sheet and you can make endless projects for the holiday season.

22. Paper Christmas Tree


Feel the Christmas spirit with a frosty-looking paper Christmas Tree. It'll make a great centerpiece idea for your Christmas dinner too!

23. Simple DIY Christmas Decorations from Plastic Bottles

This DIY Christmas decor idea from Little Crafties is so simple, even kids can do it. Plus, it's a cool way to see the beauty of recycling.

They will also make great Christmas decorating ideas for your kid's room. We are sure they'll be excited about these.

24. Twine Star Decoration


Wondering what kind of Christmas wreath to put on your front door? Why not try this DIY Twine Star wreath?

For easy outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, hang a twine star instead of a wreath this year!

25. DIY Wine Cork Reindeer


Not only are these cork reindeer super cute, but they’re also fun and easy to make! Best of all, you can add a string and hook to each one to make an instant homemade Christmas ornament!

There you have it! Need easier DIY Christmas decor? Check out this video and see how Kristi-Anne made up her room for the holidays:

Lack of time should never be an excuse to decorate your home for the holidays. You can always whip something up in just a few minutes and a couple of supplies that are already around your home, to begin with.

So, for all busy bees out there, these DIY simple Christmas decorations are for you.

Have you picked your favorite from this list of simple Christmas decorations? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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