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How to Make Felt Balls

Want to know how to make felt balls? First you call up felt and tell him he's ugly.


Creating felt balls is an easy DIY crafts project you can make to use for a lot of craft projects. From felt ball garland to felt ball rug, the possibilities are endless. It's so fun and easy to make any colored felt balls you want!

How to Make Felt Ball | Felt Balls

I just love to make cool DIY projects. It's also more fun when I get to make the materials that I need to make cool stuff. And when I heard about felt balls, I just knew that I had to know how to make them.

If you're wondering how it's done, wonder no more. Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how you can make colorful felt balls that are suitable for a lot of craft projects. It's so easy, you can even have your kids help out or even make it their next kid's craft project. So let's get started!

Supplies you'll need to make felt balls:

  • felting wool (any color)
  • soapy water
  • hot water
  • lukewarm water
  • towel


Step 1

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Lay your towel out to limit spills. Take a hands-length span of wool and test it lightly to ensure that there are no lumps. Hold it up to the light to see if you've evenly spread it out.

Step 2


Taking your soapy water, put a generous amount in the center of your wool. Once wet, make a ball by pressing your thumb to the center and folding the edges towards it. And then gently make a ball with your wool.

Step 3


Now that you've made your ball, douse it with hot water. Lightly rotate it with your hand until it becomes smaller and more firm. If it gets too squishy, rinse some of the soap by putting it in your lukewarm water.

Note: Don't apply a lot of pressure when you're rolling it to avoid deformity.

Step 4

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If you encounter any cracks, you can take a heavy object and lightly hit your felt ball to reshape it then add some hot water again then continue rolling. Continue rolling for about 10 minutes or until it becomes firm.

Step 5


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Once it's firm, lay it out and let it dry. And you're done!

It will harden on it's own when dry and is now ready for your craft projects. Repeat it with any color wool you would like and make as many as you need or want!

Wasn't that fun and easy? Once you get the hang of it I'm sure you'll use these for a variety of DIY projects. This would be a great bonding experience you and your kids. Just don't forget to assist with the hot water part.


If you'd like to watch the easy tutorial on how to make felt balls, check out this video from Rachael Greenland:



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