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How to Make DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Want to know how to make wool dryer balls? If you want something natural to make your clothes soft and smell good, then this craft project is something you should start making.

How to Make DIY Wool Dryer Balls | Craft Ideas

Ever since I started making my own homemade laundry detergent, I’ve always been in the look out for DIY ideas and projects I can use around the house. Not only will it save you money but it’s a great way of knowing exactly what goes in the products you’re using. That’s when I came across these wool dryer balls. It works the same way as dryer sheets just better. Not only is it natural but you can also customize what scent you’d like to have. If you want to make your clothes feeling soft and smelling good the natural way, then this DIY tutorial is just the thing for you.


What you’ll need to make DIY dryer balls:

  • 100% wool yarn
  • essential oils (anything you like)
  • scissors
  • old tights


Step 1

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Start making the ball! Take your yarn and wrap the end around your index and middle finger about ten times. Then slide it off and wrap around the center 2-3 times. Once you’ve completed that, you can just go around in a circular pattern until you have a yarn ball about the size of a tennis ball. Repeat this process until you’ve made about five balls.

Step 2


Now that you have your balls ready, cut one leg of your tights and put one ball inside. Tie a knot and put the remaining balls repeating the process.

Step 3

Check out How to Make DIY Wool Dryer Balls at

You’re almost done! The last thing you have to do is felt them. Wash and dry your string of wool balls in the hottest setting. You’ll probably need to do this about 2-3 times.

TIP: You’ll know it’s felted when the strands look more together and more solid.


And that’s it! For a medium load you’ll probably need about 4-5 dryer balls. Just add a few drops of essential oils before popping them in the dryer.


Optional Step:

If you’d like to give them out as a special gift idea, you can use some paint chips as label  and put them in a cute container. Voila! Instant gift!

Wasn’t that fun and easy? You can make as many as you want and need. These DIY dyer balls will help you save on your utility bill since it makes your clothes dry faster and it also removes any static in them. Amazing right?!



Want to see how to make wool dryer balls? Watch the video tutorial from DIY Network:



Did you enjoy our tutorial on how to make wool dryer balls? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these DIY dryer balls. Do you have any other cool DIY projects you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try. We love doing cool DIY projects by making craft projects, home decor projects, upcycling ideas, recipes, tutorials and anything you can do yourself. That’s why we created this site, we want people to be more in touch with their creative side and realize that there’s a lot of things that they can do themselves. We’d love to hear from you and create a community of DIY enthusiasts where any project is just a click away. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!


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