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31 Valentine Crafts For Kids To Make

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Try these Valentine crafts for kids with your young ones and help them celebrate the special day with sweet treats and gifts they can make with you and for you!

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Homemade Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

1. DIY Heart-shaped Borax Crystals


You’ll have fun both making and learning from this DIY craft because it’s sort of a fun science project. You can make different shapes and patterns but for this occasion, let’s do heart shapes.

To make heart-shaped borax crystals, you will first need to make heart shapes from a pipe cleaner. Next, you will need to make a borax solution and dip the heart shapes in it.

Pipe Cleaners Definition: A brush usually made from cotton or any absorbent material used for removing moisture and residue from smoking pipes. It is a common arts material and can be found in craft stores.

Smart tip: The longer you keep the heart-shaped pipe cleaners in the borax solution, the more crystals will form on them as water evaporates!

2. Heart Tissue


Let’s get the little ones involved in Valentine’s Day festivities by making these fun and super easy homemade Valentine crafts for kids! Here’s a really easy heart shape paper craft for Valentine’s, indeed, where you only need some glue and tissue paper, and you can make this tissue heart.

3. Heart Tube Stamp


Here’s an even easier Valentine’s craft for kids, and for pretty cheap, too. All you need are toilet paper rolls, some paint, and these ideas that will get your kids excited for sure.

4. Glitter Hearts


Shiny shimmering glitter always goes hand in hand with Valentine’s Day, and especially with hearts. So in this craft, you are going to make a little bit of both.

Now, you will need the heart tube from the previous Valentine’s craft for kids to stamp heart shapes onto the cardboard hearts with glue. You will then sprinkle glitter onto the glue heart-shape stamps, which we’re sure your kids will love!

5. Handprint-heart Card


Grab your scissors and craft paper, because you and your kids are going to want to make this cute handprint-heart card! Please help your kids with the cutting part to avoid accidents.

6. Heart Bookmark


Inspire your kids’ creativity and love for reading, too. With these cute and handy DIY heart bookmarks, you’re hitting two birds with one stone.

Here’s an even better plot: Let them be the sweetest kid, too, by helping them make more of these they can share with friends and their teachers on Valentine’s Day!

7. Valentine’s Day Glasses


This Valentine’s day glasses are also perfect as a photo booth idea, especially with kids who are quick to strike a pose at every photo opportunity. Now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, take out the crafting tools you may already have in your stash and create these cute and fun DIY rose-colored glasses!

8. Stuffed Huggable Art


This needs a little bit of some sewing skills, so you’ll need to help your kids out with this one. It’s an adorable stuffed heart they can hug when you’re not around or a Valentine’s Day gift they can give to their best friend or favorite person.

9. Marshmallow Pops


These marshmallow pops are soft, fluffy, and so delicious your kids will totally love to make (and enjoy gobbling some, too!). Yummy! They’re sort of a fun craft too with all the color and flavor combination you and your kids will have fun mix and matching.

10. Heart-Shaped Fruit Pop


This love month, sugary treats and chocolates are everywhere, so try this heart-shaped fruit pop substitute to pack for your kid’s lunch for a fruity Valentine’s day. Well, it’s high time they are introduced to healthy eating even on a sweet occasion like Valentine’s Day.

11. Strawberry Love Bugs (An army of ’em!)


These are the cutest and most adorable strawberry love bugs… ever. Your kids will adore them, for sure. They are pretty healthy too, so you can have as much of it as you want with your kids this Valentine’s Day.

12. Doily Butterflies


What a brilliant way to use doilies for hearts day crafts. Any girly-girl will love these doily butterflies for Valentine’s Day, especially your kids!

They’ll look perfect as wall decor, too.

Doily definition: It is an ornamental paper or mat with a decorative lace pattern. It is often used as a mat for cakes and sweets, but it is also used in crafts.

13. Fingerprint Photo Frame


Thinking of what your kids can give to their grandparents on Valentine’s Day? Some lovely pictures and their fingerprints surrounding it is a great idea to get a little messy and creative on a heart craft.

14. Paper Heart Cow


Make cute cows with your kids by upcycling paper plates. This is a really easy craft project for kids and pretty cheap, too.

With just paper plates and construction paper, it’s a craft that’s practically for free, indeed!

15. Valentine’s Day Votive


Now here’s a perfect chance to teach your kids a fun way to recycle. With all the bottles and glasses that get thrown out in the trash all the time, it’s a shame not to work on this fantastic craft.

Painting is one of the favorite activities for kids so I’m positive they will dig this Valentine’s Day votive which they can also have for their own.

16. DIY Yarn Hearts


First, let your little kiddo pick out different colors, other than red and pink, so you can make the holiday more festive. Then, hang these DIY heartstrings on your windows for some beautiful window decoration.

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17. Doily Banner


With your Christmas mantel decorations all cleared up, your fireplace will look bare and boring for sure. Well, with Valentine’s Day peeping just around the corner, might as well work on this nifty Valentine’s Day banner with your kids.

Your kids can do the special task of working on their “abstract” artwork which you will cut out into heart shapes. Then, paste them to heart doilies and make the fireplace mantel banner out of it.

18. Paper Rose Wreath


To be honest, this does look like a little too hard for kids to make on their own, but they can be your little assistant which I’m sure they won’t say no to, for sure. While a wreath for Valentine’s Day isn’t that big of a deal, it’s high time it got to be with this pretty little flower wreath.

19. Easy Hand Print Pig Valentine Cards


Now here’s a Valentine’s Day art project very few kids will pass up, indeed. Who would when it’s such a fun project both boys and girls love since they get a chance to mess around?

What is even better about this handprint pig art is that they develop both social and motor skills simply by expressing themselves in this fun craft for Valentine’s.

20. Kisses Card


Here’s a Valentine’s Day card with a sweet twist your kids will be thrilled to make. It comes with a little warning, though: Try to ask your kids not to eat all the Kisses or it’ll take longer to complete this craft project.

21. Melted Crayon Valentine


If your kids love to color, then you’d have quite a collection of unused and broken crayons over the years. Put those broken old crayons to good use on Valentine’s Day.

Have fun helping your kids make this lovely melted crayon craft!

22. Valentine’s Monster Box


This monster box with hearts all over it is really adorable! Those sweet love notes will have a beautifully upgraded tissue box hold them for the time being.

Wait till you see your children’s faces when they complete this.

23. Lollipop and Baking Cup Flowers


It’s what every kid is crazy about — sweet treats! The idea of creating a flower made from colorful baking cups and a lollipop is lovely.

Making lots of these lollipop and baking cup flowers is easy. This will make wonderful giveaways for your kid’s friends come the Day of Hearts.

24. The Day It Rained Hearts


Have you heard about the story of a girl who gathered hearts falling from the sky and found out each one is unique? This awesome craft is reminiscent of this inspiring children’s Valentine’s book.

The materials are very easy to get and it’s such an artistic way of interpreting the story.

25. Valentine’s Pencil Craft


Don’t you just love to write with these crafty-looking pencils? They appear so festive with glittered hearts and spirals.

It will be a perfect Valentine’s silver and red surprise for kids who love to write!

26. Suncatcher Hearts


Here’s another charming Valentine’s project kids will have fun making. Cut out hearts of different sizes and make them into beautiful suncatchers.

Hang these suncatcher hearts in the room near the window and enjoy the radiance when the sun’s rays pass through them.

27. Bee Valentine’s Mailbox


This could be one of the cutest Valentine’s mailboxes you’ll ever see. Your little one will be very excited to go to school, show off this adorable box, and see who wants to be his/her Valentine.

Those heart-shaped bee wings look very creative too!

28. Cupid’s Sweet Arrows


If a child is to be hit by Cupid’s arrow he/she would definitely want this arrow with sweet treats. What do you think about an arrow made from jelly hearts and pretzels?

I think Cupid would rather munch on the arrows himself, never mind shooting them.

29. Fruit Roll-up Cookies


Get crafty and sticky on Valentine’s Day with these fruit roll-up fortune cookies. It’s unique, remarkable, and you can insert a note of love for the people you’re giving them too.

Let your kids place the note themselves to make it more fun!

30. Valentine’s Slime for Kids


Kids love getting slimy and gooey! Making slime is easier than you might think and when you think of doing this on special occasions (like Valentine’s Day), there are a lot of creative themes that can cross your mind. This Valentine’s slime is a good example.

31. Heart Animals


The whole world will be heart crazy this season of hearts. This project is one of my favorites and the kids really love it!

Making animals from colorful heart shapes is so adorable you can’t help but think of more animals to put hearts on.

This video from 5-Minute Crafts Family will give you 21 DIY flower ideas so you can start crafting them for Valentine’s Day:

It isn’t really a surprise that these DIY Valentine crafts for kids do them a lot of good, so start making them now in time for the big day. They can either make them at school, at home, and they can give them to you, their friends, or their teachers.

They’ll have fun learning while making these easy arts and crafts for kids, indeed!

Which of the Valentine crafts for kids will you be making with the family? Share your thoughts about them with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 21, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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