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7 Garage Shelving Ideas: Brilliant Garage Organization DIY Projects

making some cantilever garage shelves | Garage Shelving Ideas For Ultimate Garage Organization | garage shelving ideas | Featured

Reinvent your garage into a clutter-free space! Check out these garage shelving ideas!

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Brilliant Garage Shelving Ideas for Organization and Storage

1. Track System for Odd-Shaped Equipment

Long-handled items such as shovels and garden rakes can be challenging to organize.

A simple garage shelving idea is to organize them without costing a fortune.

Hang them on your garage wall with a track system to spot them fast when needed.

Try to search for different hooks online to attach pieces of equipment to the tracks.

2. Overhead Shelves

Overhead Shelves | Garage Shelving Ideas For Ultimate Garage Organization | garage shelving ideas
Overhead Shelves Photo by Her Tool Belt

Get that clean look you’ve always wanted for your garage floor with overhead shelves.

Free up some floor space in your garage for other purposes. And use your ceiling to store various items.

3. Cheap Industrial Shelving

Are you in a hurry to organize your garage stuff but don’t have a big enough budget to purchase expensive shelves? Then, let your woodworking skills come into play and build a sturdy garage shelf.

This sturdy garage shelf is the perfect garage DIY for you to get busy with: an inexpensive shelving unit for your garage.

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4. Floating Garage Shelves

Home suburban car garage interior with wooden shelf | Floating Garage Shelves

Floating shelves are another brilliant garage storage idea to free up floor space. But before you start installing the shelves, make sure to adjust the measurements inside your garage.

You might use up some of your usual car space and risk redoing the project again. So ready your tools, angle brackets, and deck screws, then build!

5. Corner Storage

Got some corner spaces in your garage to utilize for shelving? Make the most out of every nook and cranny with corner storage shelves.

Maximize your storage while reducing the use of floor space in your garage. Here’s a great example of an L-shaped shelf tucked neatly into the corner.

6. Under the Stairs Shelving


If your garage has mini stairs around the corner, this shelving idea is perfect for not using up floor space.

Set up a custom shelf under the stairway to store sporting goods, camping equipment, and random items you don’t want cluttering your garage.

7. Garage Wire Shelving


Among the many ways of utilizing space in your garage for shelving, a set of wire shelves is one of the most uncomplicated and inexpensive.

You will need wire baskets, wire shelves, and some hooks to get things done.

Although it’s not as heavy-duty as most garage shelves, you can still use it to organize random stuff. For example, use it to arrange your work gloves, paint cans, and small tools.

Learn the easy way to build garage shelving from Ana White:

This list of brilliant storage solutions is the answer to your garage shelving needs.

No one enjoys rummaging through a disorderly pile of stuff. Or shutting the garage door before the neighbors can glimpse the chaos you keep inside.

You can put up overhead shelves if you want more floor space. Or opt for industrial shelves for some quick and inexpensive storage. These simple garage shelving ideas will tidy things up for you.

What do you think about the garage shelving ideas on this list? Got any brilliant garage shelving ideas of your own? Please share them with us in the comments section below!




  1. Huge thanks for the video Ethan! Tried wire shelving first, but a lot of boxes with my stuff(mostly old car parts and various fishing/camping gear) was a tad bit too heavy for it to handle 😀 So just remodelled my walls with good ol’ wooden shelves 😀

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