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18 Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY

Happy young couple on Valentines day | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY

Get your Valentine decorations going now with these homemade decor ideas that will fill your home with love, indeed!

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DIY Valentine Decorations You Will Want for Your Own

1. Heart Centerpiece

Make a Blooming Heart Centerpiece in 6 Easy Steps |
Blooming Heart Centerpiece by Gardeners Path

Nothing expresses love more than flowers, especially roses. So, this Valentine’s Day, put your DIY flower arrangement skills to the test.

Spread the love vibe in your decor with this romantic heart centerpiece. We suggest roses and carnation but if you have other flowers in mind, you can always mix and match.

2. Hanging Paper Hearts

Hanging Paper Hearts | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Hanging Paper Hearts Photo by dottie angel

After the tradition of chain links for Christmas decor, we now go to paper hearts in strings for Valentine decorations. You can hang them in your windows like curtains or enliven a dull space in your ceiling with them.

What’s even great about this homemade Valentine decorations is it is pretty simple and inexpensive to make, free even. That is for DIY-ers who loves to recycle and never throw reusable stuff away!

3. Giant Heart DIY Wall Art

Giant geometric wall heart | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Giant Geometric Wall Heart Photo by oleander and palm

If you are both into modern and minimalist designs, including home decor, this giant geometric wall heart is perfect. All too perfect, especially this Valentine’s Day but, come to think of it, it’s also great all year round.

4. DIY Magnetic Heart Chalkboard with Podgeable Magnets

DIY magnetic heart chalkboard | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
DIY Magnetic Heart Chalkboard Photo by Mod Podge Rocks!

Leave special love notes with the magnets or write on the surface with chalk for your special someone. This easy magnetic chalkboard made with canvas is also practical because you can use throughout the year!

5. Valentine’s Day Printable

Roses are red printable art | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Roses are Red Printable Art Photo by A Mom’s Take

Here’s another idea for Valentine’s Day home decorations, you can also put up for display all year round. It’s a fantastic framed display idea which comes with a free printable.

Now, this tutorial comes with an added bonus — a DIY Valentine’s Day wreath made from burlap and lace. A DIY-er who’s into shabby chic and rustic decors will love it, for sure!

6. DIY Heart Suncatcher

Easy Heart Suncatcher | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Easy Heart Suncatcher Photo by Happiness is Homemade

You can pull off this easy heart craft project in no time! Hang them on the window and see the sunlight peek thru this cute DIY art.

7. Valentine’s Day Rainbow Banner

DIY Valentine's Day Rainbow Banner | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
DIY Valentine’s Day Rainbow Banner Photo by Momtastic

Gone are the Christmas garlands on your fireplace mantel but here’s an oh so cute substitute — a rainbow garland made from cozy felt heart mini pillows! You can also hang these colorful heart banner on a doorway or window this love season.

8. DIY Glitter Love Canvas

DIY Glitter Love Canvas | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
DIY Glitter Love Canvas Photo by Hey Lauren Rene

This fabulous DIY glitter LOVE canvas will look stylish on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. In fact, it’s a trendy design, especially for those who like it simple.

9. Valentine’s Washi Tape Decor

Simple Washi Tape Valentines Decor | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Simple Washi Tape Valentines Decor Photo by Flying House

DIY buffs know dozens of creative uses for washi tape, but this Valentine’s Day, you might want to add this simple decor idea. It’s simply spelling out the word ‘love’ in big bold letters with different washi tape patterns on your wall.

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10. DIY String Heart

DIY String Heart | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
DIY String Heart Photo by Green Wedding Shoes

You will absolutely get a lot of compliments on this giant string heart art, plus it’s also easy to make. For those who like contemporary decor and designs, you’ll fall in love with this one.

11. Paper Heart Crafts

Paper Hearts | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Paper Hearts Photo by Hoosier Homemade

These cute paper hearts will make great Valentine decorations for any part of your home. You only need an assortment of scrapbook papers, cut them into strips, then arrange them, and voila! Paper hearts decor for Valentine’s Day.

Add strings so you can hang them on the windows, or you can simply stick them up the wall.

12. DIY Heart Tree

DIY Heart Tree | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
DIY Heart Tree Photo by Money Hip Mamas

For those who like it magical, these lovely heart cutouts in whimsical tree branches or twigs will have you head over heels in love. You can put them in vases and make them as table centerpieces, or you can place them in your mantel with a heart garland beneath.

13. Easy DIY Clipboard Wall Art

Easy DIY Clipboard Wall Art | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Easy DIY Clipboard Wall Art Photo by The Latina Homemaker

While a clipboard wall art decor works all year round, this Valentine’s Day, add a touch of love with simple love notes featured on every clipboard. It doesn’t need to be solely about one person but also your love for life and such.

14. Easy Yarn Hearts

Easy Yarn Hearts | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Easy Yarn Hearts Photo by Family Chic

This Valentine’s craft is quite similar to one of our entries here but this time, we are making the mini versions and adding strings so we can hang them up. You can also place these Valentine decorations anywhere you want whether indoors or outdoors.

15. DIY Wooden Valentine Blocks

DIY Wooden Valentine Blocks | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
DIY Wooden Valentine Blocks Photo by Just Short of Crazy

How about some cute and simple DIY Valentine’s Day craft you can make with your kiddos? Here it is! These DIY wooden blocks with Valentine embellishment can be used over again for a different holiday, too!

16. Pink and Grey Valentine’s Wreath

Pink and Grey Valentine's Wreath | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
Pink and Grey Valentine’s Wreath Photo by My Blessed Life

Your Valentine’s Day outdoor decorations won’t do without a Valentine’s Day wreath. You can reuse your wreath forms (as any good DIY junkie does) from Christmas to make this simple wreath design.

17. XOXO Valentine Framed Marble Display

XOXO Valentine Framed Marble Display | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
XOXO Valentine Framed Marble Display Photo by Tatertos & Jello

If you’ve been keeping your grown-up kid’s old marble stash, this is the time to take them out. That’s because this XOXO frame project will need a good number of marbles to complete.

What Is XOXO? It is a sign-off symbolizing hugs and kisses.

It’s heart-warming to have decor items at home with sentimental value. I’m sure your kids will appreciate it, too.

18. DIY Heart Pillows

DIY Heart Pillows | Cute And Easy Valentine Decorations To DIY
DIY Heart Pillows Photo by Design Love Fest

Get cozy and cuddle with your husband and kids with these lovely DIY pillows. They make a great accent in your living room, too.


Check out this video from Becca Beach for three more easy Valentine’s Day decor:

A DIY junkie will always take every occasion as an opportunity to decorate. So this Valentine’s Day, take these decor ideas and paint your home red. With these easy, cute, and inexpensive decor ideas, you will only run out of space to place them in!

Did you get inspired by these DIY Valentine’s day decorations for your home? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these Valentine decorations!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 14, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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