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DIY- Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Room cabinets are great ways to utilize space in small areas and keep things organized. Whether it’s storing your laundry detergent, towels or clothes, it’s great to have adequate space where all the things you’ll need are withing reach. We have a great diy to make your own cabinets. Read on for more!

Make Your own Laundry Room Cabinets

I found and easy to follow tutorial from and the great news is that it only cost $200. This is not even a fraction of what you would need to spend if you hired a professional to make laundry cabinets for you. I’ll give you a few of the steps here, then you can check out their site for the full tutorial.The one shown here is a wall to wall shelf for maximum space,they also included a shelf above the appliance and a dowel under the cabinets for storing hangers.After you’re done with this project you wont ever complain about not having enough space in your laundry room ever again.

Step 1

Check out DIY- Laundry Room Cabinets at

Figure out where in the  space you’ll be installing your laundry room cabinets, then measure the space to know what size your shelves need to be. I suggest you also take a photo of the space especially if you are a novice at this.

Step 2

Check out DIY- Laundry Room Cabinets at

Bring all your measurements and photos to the hardware store and they will provide you with all the materials and tools you’ll need for this project.

Once you’ve purchased all the necessary tools and materials its time to start your project. Check out Instructables for the full tutorial here.


Let us know if you were able to follow this tutorial, and if you were able to make your very own laundry room cabinet. Leave your comment below;we love hearing from you.

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