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15 Stylish Throw Pillow Ideas for your Home

Throw pillows can really spruce up your sofa or couch; they are super comfortable and stylish. You really dont need to spend and arm and a leg for these either, you can make your very own using materials and colors that work with the other design elements in your home. We have some really cool ideas you can try today, just read on for more.



Why not try something different instead of the usual square pillows. These are super stylish and easy to make as Shannon Brinkley shows in her tutorial.

2.Interesting Shapes


These are perfect for decorating a teenagers bedroom, and you can experiment with lots of different colors and shapes.


If you’re going for a vintage theme you can try these amazing embroidered options sold at Pottery Barn. These retail for almost 50 dollars, but you can simply purchase embroidered material at your local fabric store and make your own at a much cheaper price.

4.Fur throw

If you want your space to look expensive without actually spending a ton, just add some faux fur throw pillows. Once again you can probably buy these online, but you can easily create your own with faux fur  material and some needle and thread!

5.Animal Design


Calling all animal lovers, this one is for you! Society6  has this adorable elephant pillow perfect for a baby’s nursery. But you can also get an image of your pet screen printed and made into a pillow.



These are so unique, and guess what we have a tutorial for you right here



It’s gonna be hard to not fall in love with these plush velvet pillows; they will instantly spruce up a drab space.



Why not try something artistic like this adorable ballerina pillow? It will certainly add a unique element to your home, and show off your artistic side.



Tassels are fun and these are perfect for a plain old couch. If you really want to add something cool to a boring space these are good options to try.



I absolutely love sequins, but don’t overdo it or it can look tacky;one or two should be enough, then add some other textures to balance things out.

11.Knotted Bows

Can you say obsessed, because that’s how I feel about these adorable pillows from Urban Outfitters. Plus the design seems like a very easy DIY; go ahead and try your hand at this creative throw pillow!

12.Funny or Inspiring

Whether it’s funny messages, quotes, bible verses, you name it, these are super cute! Don’t go overboard though; I suggest one or two of these mixed in with some simpler options.


You don’t have to go crazy with colors or prints, sometimes a textured throw pillow is all you need to add some spice to a boring space, like this one from CB2.

14. 3D

How can you not be obsessed with this 3D throw pillow, I mean they look like real stones. To say this is cool would be an understatement!

15. Pleated

This pleated version from Goldcolonwest looks amazing, but really complicated to make. However  we have a much simpler DIY version you can try here 

Which of these 15 throw pillows are your absolute faves? Tell us in the comment section below;we love hearing your feedback!

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