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27 DIY Projects for Small Spaces | Ideas To Maximize Your Place

DIY Projects for Small Spaces | Ideas To Maximize Your Place

Small spaces shouldn’t hold you back from making your home as beautiful as you plan it to be. You can easily solve organization dilemmas with creative storage for small spaces, like innovative space-saving furniture. Or, apply a few of the small spaces decorating ideas we have on this list. Read through the DIY ideas we collected here and you'll realize that even with small spaces, there are big possibilities!

Unique DIY Ideas for Small Spaces


1. Over The Sink Shelf

An over-the-sink shelf gives you more room for storage by maximizing the little space above the sink. You don’t have to buy the shelf—you can use scrap pallet wood boards to make one on your own. What a great upcycling idea, right?

YOMYM 2 Tiers Expandable Kitchen Storage Multi-Functional Rack Adjustable Under Sink Organizer Storage Shelf Cabinet
  • Material: Solid stainless steel piping and removable durable plastic shelves, this undersink organizer storage sink rack can be arranged to fit around any undersink pipe configuration adding desirable shelf space.
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  • Adjustable Shelf: the length of the shelves can be adjusted from 15.35 inches to 25.98 inches; Height: 14.96 inches; Width: 10.23 inches.The height can be adjusted to 10.23 inches but is not recommended.
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2. Magnetic Knife Rack

Here’s a creative storage for small spaces, specifically for the kitchen! Avoid unwanted cuts and scrapes by storing your knives on this magnetic rack. Don’t forget to squeeze in some all-purpose silicon before sticking the magnet in the rack.

3. Shelf Above Door

One way to add storage in a small bathroom is by adding a shelf above the door. It’s important to place a support board on the wall as this will serve as the piece your shelf can rest on. The concept is pretty simple and it’s one of the most practical DIY space saving ideas on this list.

8 tier, Over the Door Organizer - Hanging Wall Rack for Closet, Bathroom, or Kitchen Organization and Storage - Metal Pantry Shelves by Home-Complete (White)
  • OVER THE DOOR ORGANIZER - The over the door storage organizer is a space-saving alternative to other home essentials for new homes, perfect for your kitchen, closet, or pantry. These durable shelves are a great way to keep your home neat and clutter-free.
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELVES - Featuring 8 shelves that are conveniently adjustable, as well as 3 stoppers to prevent taller items from falling out, this storage rack is perfect as a spice rack or pantry door organizer. It's also suitable for bathroom organization.
  • VERSATILE - The versatile design allows you to either utilize the closet door organizer as one long rack, or two shorter ones for flexible home organization and storage. Keep one in your bathroom, bedroom, garage, or linen closet to maximize wall storage.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Installation is quick and easy, as the pantry shelves come equipped with both over the door hooks and mount screws so that you can hang them anywhere you like. It'll fit perfectly in your kitchen as a foil and plastic wrap organizer.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS - Materials: Metal. Dimensions: (L) 17.7" x (W) 5.1" x (H) 74". Includes: 8 Shelves, 3 Stoppers, Door Hooks, and Mount Screws for Installation. Color: White.

4. Under The Bed Shoe Organizer

Having a storage compartment under the bed is one of the best small bedroom storage solutions.You can even add casters on the bottom of the organizer so you can pull it out easily. Or, you can opt for a more creative storage, for the sake of aesthetics, like rattan boxes with a modern twist.

5. Folding Desk

Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen, Square, Teak
  • Made of Solid, composite Wood | Teak finish
  • Product dimensions | Overall extended size – 29.1” D x 29.6” W x 32.75” H | Table closed size – 15.7” D x 29” W x 32.75” H | Table surface with drop leaf extended – 29.6” D x 27.3” W | Table surface with drop leaf down – 14.8” D x 27.3” W
  • Assembly required | Stools dimensions – 11.4" D x 11.4" W x 20.8" H
  • Your purchase includes Two Drawers | Paper towel holder | Two Stools | Drop down leaf top | Casters
  • The color you see may not exactly match the product color and may depend in part upon the monitor you are using

Maximize small spaces by opting for folding furniture, just like this folding desk we have right here. It’s important to measure the area where you’ll place your DIY folding desk first. So, sit on a chair and see if the height you’ve marked is good enough before placing any of the wooden boards in.

6. Pegboard Shelves

Pegboard shelves come in handy because they allow you to customize your storage space. Don’t forget to place a coat of wood glue on your pieces before finishing off with a nail gun.

7. Storage Bench

Store your clutter and keep them away from sight with this nifty storage bench. To support the top shelf of the bench, all you have to do is place a piece of wood below the halfway line.

8. Towel Rack

Storage ideas for small bathrooms don’t have to be complicated—a simple but chic towel rack like this will do. If you don’t have a grinder to cut the rods, you can use a simple hacksaw instead.

9. Mason Jar Storage Shelf

Reuse your old mason jars or glass jars to make a storage shelf. You can use them to hold anything from nuts and bolts to kitchen spices.

Legacy Studio Decor Storage Jar Shelf with Mason Jars (Distressed, Black)
  • Measures 15L x 5 1/2h x 4 1/2d
  • Constructed of 3/4" thick white pine
  • Four 8 oz Mason Jars
  • Wood display shelf on top

10. Foldable Drying Rack

Foldable Drying Rack | DIYs for Small Spaces | Ideas To Maximize Your Place
DIY Foldable Drying Rack by Gem & Em

We love this foldable drying rack because it occupies no floor space whatsoever and can easily be tucked away for a bigger-looking room. Make the drying rack sturdier by placing brackets on the corners.

No products found.

11. Chalkboard Calendar

Have a chalkboard calendar or planner to organize your stuff in the kitchen. It helps you track, for example, the items you have and don’t have in the fridge. This way, you don’t crowd your little kitchen by storing unnecessary items.

12. Cup Organizers

Organize your makeup with these copper cup organizers. Before you drill holes into the wooden block, be sure to mark the edges of your cups. Doing so will give the cups a tight fit and prevent them from falling.

13. Mirrors On Walls

Mirrors On Walls | DIYs for Small Spaces | Ideas To Maximize Your Place
Dollar Store Crafts | DIY Mirror Wall by DIY Projects

Create the illusion of having a bigger room by placing mirrors on the walls. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry, because the mirrors used in this tutorial were bought from a dollar store. They are an absolute bargain! Putting up mirrors on walls is actually one of the most popular creative ideas for small spaces. It’s very simple yet it makes a huge difference to how a room looks.

14. Rolling Pantry

Rolling Pantry | DIYs for Small Spaces | Ideas To Maximize Your Place
How To Build A Pantry Shelf In Your Small Kitchen by DIY Projects

Don’t have a spare room for your pantry needs? Make a rolling pantry you can tuck beside your fridge. By the way, if you’ll be painting this DIY project, we recommend filling all the holes from the nails and wood with paintable wood filler first.

15. Art Piece Jewelry Box

This art piece jewelry box is so ingenious because it’s a functional art masterpiece. Just be careful when placing any nails or screws to hang your jewelry with. You would want to ensure these won’t go all the way through.

16. Toy Wall

Set aside a toy wall for your little one’s toys and books. Attach shelves to the walls and use cubby holes to organize stuffed animals, building blocks, and even dolls.

17. Starry Ceiling

Give yourself a new view to look forward to before you go to sleep. Start by cutting out a stencil and using that as a guide when you paint the stars on the ceiling. Such a great idea for small spaces, wouldn't you agree?

18. RAST Storage Bed

This RAST storage bed will give you so much storage space. We recommend keeping everything attached using wood screws. Plus, we strongly suggest drilling down the plywood board on top of the base pieces for a sturdier bed frame.

19. Kitchen Organizer

Use your leftover wooden pallets to make an organizer perfect for the kitchen. Don’t forget to attach knobs or hooks at the bottom so you can hang your aprons and kitchen towels on the organizer.

20. Room Divider

A studio apartment would benefit from a room divider such as this one. If you need help removing the paper from the shoji screen, we recommend using a drill bit to do the job faster.

21. Hoop Hamper

The trick to making this hoop hamper is to place the fabric in between the two pieces of the embroidery hoop. Then, fasten this tightly with some twine. Make a snug fit by pulling the twine as you go along. This is a great creative storage idea for small spaces!

22. Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is one way to de-clutter small spaces creatively. It’s definitely one of the best space saving furniture ideas we have on this list. This tutorial shows you how to customize your ottoman to make it match the aesthetics of your home. Just a heads up, you’re going to need your staple gun and a lot of staples for this DIY.

23. Sofa Table

Here’s some space saving furniture for small apartments! Start this DIY project by measuring the back of your sofa. This ensures that the sofa table matches the size of the sofa. Remember, you’ll need to measure both the length and the height of your sofa to get the right measurements. If you’d prefer, you can also add a few inches to the height measurement for a raised sofa table.

24. Clothing Rack

DIY a fuss-free clothing rack that would look perfect with a minimalist design concept. By the way, we recommend using wooden hangers for this project, as the ends of the hanger won’t stretch out the sleeves of your tops.

25. Suspended Shelf

This stylish suspended shelf looks like it was taken right out of a home decor magazine. Remember to use a ruler when measuring out the holes to drill onto the board, as you’ll want the holes evenly placed on opposite ends.

26. Corner Shelf

Take advantage of a corner by installing a shelf for extra storage. The best part is, this tutorial won’t even require you to do any further woodwork. It simply uses a magazine holder.

27. Storage Desk

Here’s a unique storage idea for small living rooms. We love how this storage desk gives ample storage options without sacrificing floor space. Finish off by coating with a layer of tung oil to protect your new DIY project.


Maximize your small space with these hacks and organization tips. This guide will also help you use your current furniture more efficiently, letting you get more bang for your buck.

Looking for more hacks for small spaces? Check out the video below:

We sure hope you were able to pick out something from this list of creative ideas for small spaces! Remember, don’t let small spaces dampen your DIY spirit. There’s always something that you can do to maximize the space creatively. Just check out lists of ideas like this one or watch videos on how people manage to live in tiny homes.

What storage ideas do you have for small spaces? Let us know in the comments!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in June 20, 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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