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24 DIY Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

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On the hunt for Christmas gifts for boyfriend? Surprise your man or guy buddies not only with these creative presents but also with your thoughtfulness and DIY crafting skills!

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Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend You Can DIY

1. DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Framed Wall Art


Here's an inspiration for a Christmas gift to remind him how much he means to you. Take his old favorite t-shirt and do this 20-minute craft he will love for sure!

2. 7 Days of Love Christmas Gift


Here’s a creative use of a Monday-Sunday pillbox: Give him Seven Days of Love with some sweet treats and love notes for your sweetheart! A little bit cheesy, but hey, we are all fools in love.

3. DIY Stenciled T-Shirt

DIY Stenciled T-Shirt | DIY Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend | DIY christmas gifts for boyfriend | gifts to make for your boyfriend

Customize a plain T-shirt for a Christmas gift for your boyfriend. Try your favorite quote, a special message, or your initials on it!

4. 12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

Have your 12 monthly dates brainstormed in no time with this cute 12 months of pre-planned monthly dates for you and him! This is an awesome addition to the list of simple gifts for boyfriend, you can make.

5. DIY Love Coupons


This DIY gift book full of great ideas is going to be an instant hit with any man! Grab the free printables here.

6. DIY Carved with Initial Candle


Carving initials on a tree is so old school! How about carving your initials on a candle?

It's so easy; a cuticle remover tool would work just fine!

7. Secret Love Notes Pillow Cover


Imagine your man waking up next to this? What do you think would his reaction be?

This cute heart pocket on a pillow is a charming way to deliver your love notes!

8. DIY Thumbprint Heart Mug


Take it from your mama: your boyfriend will love this simple treat that has more to its looks than you could tell. Your very own thumbprint will design this mug.

Add some sweet treats he can help himself to in his office.

 9. Lipstick Art Christmas Gift


Smack away to create this sweet personalized lipstick art for your boyfriend! I bet he'll be proud to have this hanging in his room.

10. A Kiss in Your Pocket Flip Book


Make your own pocket-sized flip-book of you blowing him a kiss! He'll absolutely love this unique DIY gift–one of the most creative gifts for boyfriend, out there.

11. Mason Jar Matchbox


This DIY mason jar matchstick dispenser is perfect for lighting candles at romantic dinners! It's a DIY mason jar gift a man would appreciate.

12. Sweets in a Jar Christmas Gift


This sweet jar of sugary treats labeled, “We love you to pieces!” will definitely paint a smile on his face. It's one of the DIY Christmas gifts for last-minute you can pull off in a jiffy!

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13. “I Love You Because…” DIY Message Board


Here's a perfect way to show your guy's appreciated with everything he does—no matter how little. This is a simple DIY project which comes along with a free printable note, but you will have to supply the rest of the message.

14. Crochet Wrap Bracelet with Button


These DIY crochet bracelets are so cute with endless possibilities of color and buttons! Feel free to choose whichever works best for your boyfriend's taste.

15. Sticks ‘n Stones Christmas Gift


Here's a perfect and budget-friendly rustic DIY gift to warm the heart of your outdoorsy man. You have to keep your eyes peeled though to look for the perfect stick and stone.

It's an incredible addition to your collection of Christmas gifts for your boyfriend.

16. Candy Bar Card Christmas Gift


Get creative and sweet with candy bars in this unique Christmas card idea for your boyfriend! He'll laugh and be impressed by your sweetness and creativity with this DIY gift idea for him.

17. DIY Photo Booth Picture Strip


Looking for DIY gifts for boyfriend using pictures, to make? Here's one; Create your own photo booth picture strip featuring the best pictures of you and your sweetie!

Or, you can also take this fancy Christmas magnet idea with the same pictures for your boyfriend.

18. Scrabble Wall Art Christmas Gift


Surprise your boyfriend with this scrabbles tile art to always remind him of your feelings for him. It'll be just perfect if both you and your boyfriend have a thing for board games, especially Scrabble.

19. Homemade Ties Christmas Gift


Your man will be amazed at these DIY ties, and they're so easy to make. It comes with a free pattern, so with your basic sewing skills, you will achieve this feat with flying colors!

20. Comic Book DIY Coasters


Is your boyfriend a comic book fan? These DIY comic book coasters are sure to be a winner with that crowd. Plus, he'll love its awesome vintage look!

21. Zen Garden Christmas Gift


This is the coolest gift for a guy who has a desk or office job—a zen garden on a budget! A calming activity for your guy makes you the most thoughtful girlfriend ever.

22. U Da Man Chocolate Bar Wrapper

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]

Thinking of giving your boyfriend some chocolate bars? Make it more special with these fun candy bar wrappers.

23. Cement Planters


Got a gardener guy? These cement planters with an amazing organic feel will make his day!

But, whether your guy gardens or not, a green thing is a sight for his sore eyes at the office.

24.  iPad Cover


He'll love the retro look of this DIY iPad Cover, and you could spell whatever you want on it! Any personalized item for a Christmas gift is always better appreciated for the effort and thought behind it.

Looking for unique gifts for men who have everything? Watch this video from Handlavet for a DIY Unique gift box your boyfriend will appreciate: 

There you go, thoughtful crafters! DIY Christmas gifts for boyfriend can make and give your man this gift-giving holiday.

Now you know what to get your boyfriend for Christmas to show you really care—something crafters and DIY-ers are known for!

Did you enjoy our list of DIY Christmas gifts for boyfriend you can make? Which ones are you eyeing to DIY? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 19, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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