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11 Easy And Unique DIY Christmas Gifts For Friends

Feature | Easy and Unique DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends

If you’re looking for special DIY Christmas gifts to give to your friends this holiday season, create and customize any of the ideas below.

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Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends

Simple Homemade Christmas Gifts for Your Friends

Don’t forget to make a little special something for your friends this holiday season! Find inspiration in these 11 DIY Christmas gift ideas for friends.

From chocolate ornaments and soap to sugar scrubs, these gift ideas are perfect for getting in the Christmas spirit. Show everyone on your list how much they mean to you with these cool yet inexpensive Christmas surprises.

Sometimes I stress so much over what to get my husband, that I forget to put time and energy into making (or buying) gifts for my truly special friends.

This year I will not repeat that mistake. I repeat: I will not repeat that mistake.

This year, I decided to make all my best girlfriends easy, luxurious DIY soap (#8 on this list). In case soap isn’t your thing, here are 10 other great DIY Christmas gifts for friends. There’s got to be something here that your friends will love—and you’ll love making.

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1. Hot Chocolate Ornaments

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These inexpensive Christmas gifts to make for your friends can be used to decorate a tree—or fill up a tummy! These hot chocolate ornaments are not only great for Christmas decorations, but they are also a tasty dessert for your loved ones.

2. DIY Marble Dipped Mug

Your friends will need something to put that hot cocoa in. The answer?

These adorable DIY marble dipped mugs. Every time they take a sip, they’ll think of you! What a brilliant way to dress up a boring white cup!

3. Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

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Sometimes you just need something a little stronger than hot cocoa. These mason jar cocktail gifts are perfect for all your much-loved boozers.

Your friends will definitely love these kinds of quick, easy homemade Christmas gifts. You can even make your own and have a rockin’ Christmas Eve party with your loved ones.

4. DIY Photo Tile Coasters

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Personalized gifts are always a big hit. These DIY photo tile coasters are so cute.

With the right photos, these coasters are going to make grand DIY Christmas gifts! Wouldn’t your friends love to receive meaningful homemade gift ideas? 

5. Gift in a Cup

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Who doesn’t love gift packaging that’s actually another gift? You can fill the inside of the cup with a gift card, tea bags, a bath bomb, and a few little treats.

As long as it fits in the cup, you could put anything into this gift in a cup to make them just right for someone you admire. You can get the same kind of cup or container for all of your friends but you can customize them with what each person loves!

6. ‘You’re the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread’ Gift

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Homemade Christmas food gift ideas are great, too! Are you into baking? Time to share your baked goodies with your friends and loved ones!

You can make your cookies look like gingerbread houses, snowmen, Christmas balls, or even Santa heads to make them more festive. Here are some adorable free printable wrappers that you can use to dress up your homemade bread.

7. Quote Wall Art

Hone your craft making skills for this next item on the list. This quote wall art is another easy and inspired DIY Christmas gift for friends. Not only does this project look fab, but it also provides a happy dose of motivation.

8. 10 Minute Milk & Honey Soap

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As the stress of the Christmas rush ebbs, our friends deserve some pampering. This 10-minute Milk & Honey Soap will soothe their senses.

These homemade Christmas gifts are not just easy, they’re also quick to finish! So if you need a last-minute present, you can try making this moisturizing soap.

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9. DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

Too good not to share! With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your own fantastic mint sugar scrub. You’ll be surprised how this organic scrub makes your skin feel; it smells great, too!

10. Gift Wrap Caddy

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Share the spirit of craftiness by giving your friends all the essential tools to start their own DIY projects. This gift wrap caddy would make the perfect gift for your gift wrapping enthusiast friend. Maybe next year they’ll make their own DIY Christmas gifts to give to you!

What Is a Caddy? It’s a small container or storage often with divisions.

11. DIY Wine Cork Reindeer

Not only are these cork reindeer super cute, but they’re also fun and easy to make! Best of all, you can add a string and hook to each one to make an instant homemade Christmas ornament!

You can even customize each reindeer according to your friend’s distinctive personality. Maybe one can have glasses or a miniature version of your friend’s favorite hat. Your loved ones will surely have a good laugh when you start handing your gifts out! Check out our how-to guide in this post.


Watch this video from Laura Edwards and take a look at more DIY Christmas gift ideas for your friends:

So, there you have it, crafters! Your choice of 10 easy and inexpensive DIY Christmas gifts for your friends! They’ll love these homemade gift ideas you’ve made yourself.

Remember, gift-giving doesn’t need to be huge and expensive, it’s more about the thought that you put into the gift that will surely make someone’s day. Just think outside the box!

Do you have your own DIY Christmas gift ideas, too? Let us add them to this list by leaving a comment below!




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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on December 7, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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