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11 Amazing Manly Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Need manly Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend? This gift guide features gifts for men they will actually love to show off and use all year round!

Manly Christmas Gift Ideas to Let Him Know You Care


1. Do-It-All Multi-Tool

Do-It-All Multi-Tool | Amazing Manly Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend
Hoffman Richter HR100 Photo by Survival Life

Why not get the #1 guy in your life something he can actually use this year? You know I’m a fan of doing everything yourself, but how about a little change. Why not for this year, spend a couple of bucks on him. This Hoffman Richter HR100 mini multi-tool packs a lot of punch in its small frame. With 13 functions, this is the one everyday tool your guy needs. He’ll thank you for it.

2. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter for His DIY Bug Out Bag

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter for His DIY Bug Out Bag | Amazing Manly Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend
Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Photo by Survival Life Store

You don’t want to get your very special guy just anything this Christmas. If you got an outdoorsman or simply someone who’s always prepared, this personal water filter would be the perfect gift. He’ll be happy to add his new gift to his growing bug out bag checklist.

3. Beer Savers

These beer savers help keep the beer fresh even after opening. I actually can’t believe my man doesn’t own a set yet. This item sounds like such an essential!

4. Ninja Blowgun

Ninja Blowgun | Amazing Manly Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend
Ninja Blowgun Photo by Survival Life

I know handmade is best but even I try to broaden my spectrum every now and then. This ninja blowgun is perfect for the hunter or survivalist in your life. Extremely effective weapon, but easy enough to use with the kiddos (with your supervision of course!).

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

5. Zippo Hand Warmer

 Zippo Hand Warmer | Amazing Manly Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend
Zippo Hand Warmer 2012 Photo by Zippo Hand Warmer [Amazon]
Good Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends can be hard to come by. Tired of ties? Bored of holiday-themed boxers? This Zippo hand warmer is an awesome camping accessory! One fuel filling will keep your man’s hands warm for 12 hours. Take it fishing, hiking, camping, skiing — anywhere.

6. Stinger Spy Pen

Stinger Spy Pen | Amazing Manly Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend
Stinger Spy Pen Photo by Survival Life

Absolute must-have protection tool. So discreet and lightweight, it can be taken practically anywhere. Give your man peace of mind and protection against thugs with this stinger spy pen. For gifts you bought, you can still showcase your creativity by giving it a nice Christmas gift wrap.

7. Man Candles

With scents like New York Style Pizza, Fresh Cut Grass, Dirt, Coffee, Sawdust, and Campfire, no man will be able to resist these soy-blend man candles. You can also take this inspiration and make your own DIY soy candles with the scents you think your man will love.

8. Unlimited Battery Power for Life

Sounds pretty impressive, huh? This solar battery charger is a gift your boyfriend will actually use (instead of tucking into the back of his drawer and forgetting about entirely…)

9. Tracking Device for His Phone & Keys

A perfect solution for the age-old problem: “Honey, have you seen my keys??” With the BiKN tracking device, your phone finds your keys and your keys find your phone!

10. Man Meets Stove Beginners’ Cookbook

Man Meets Stove Beginners' Cookbook | Amazing Manly Christmas Gift Ideas For Boyfriend
Man Meets Stove Beginners’ Cookbook Photo by Jim Madden [Amazon]
Is your guy totally lost without a microwave? Then this is the cookbook for him. It gives your man the instructions he needs to survive in the kitchen.

11. Bearded Beanie

Is there anything more sacred than the gift of an instant beard? “Ideal for chopping wood, building a cabin, or shoveling snow.”


Want more manly Christmas gift ideas for men? Then take these ideas for creative homemade gifts from Tess Christine video:

Any of these manly Christmas gift ideas will surely show your man how much he means to you. I hope I have given you a few ideas that the men in your life would love. I just got my man the multi-tool for his birthday and he was so grateful. The smile on his face was just priceless. But, whatever you give, make sure you give it with love. After all, what really makes Christmas gift special is the thought that you put into it!

So which of these manly Christmas gift ideas you think your husband will love? Comment below to let us know!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 2, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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