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13 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments For A Personalized Tree Decor

Feature | Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments For A Personalized Tree Decor

Satisfy your craving for crafting with this awesome selection of easy and creative DIY Christmas ornaments sure to make your Christmas tree stand out this year!

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DIY Christmas Ornaments to Decorate Your Tree With

Infographic | Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments For A Personalized Tree Decor

1. Let it Snow – Scrabble Tile Ornament

Scrabble tiles take on new life in this simple and adorable Christmas tree ornament. If you love Scrabble tiles, then this ornament is perfect for you.

2. Mason Jar Lid Tree Ornaments

Just another reason to love mason jars! All you need is a glue gun, some fabric scraps, and some mason jar lids. And in just a few minutes, you'll have some fantastic mason jar lid ornaments for your tree.

3. Kate Spade-Inspired DIY Christmas Ornaments

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All you need is gold glitter spray paint and tape and you're pretty much set. These DIY Christmas ornaments would look so lovely on your Christmas tree. They even make a wonderful gift for your friends!

4. Hot Cocoa Mix DIY Ornaments

Thrifty, easy, and delicious? I'm in love! These DIY Christmas ornaments are a perfect gift for anyone who adores chocolate. And once the hot chocolate is consumed, the receiver is left with a cute little ornament.

5. Melted Crayon DIY Christmas Ornaments

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Melted Crayon Ornaments! Okay, I was skeptical at first because I'm not very crafty and tend to focus on the process. However these were super fun and easy. My daughter is going to give them to my husband for Xmas and I know he will love them! 1. You will need clear glass ornaments (glass not plastic), crayons, a glove, and a hair dryer. 2. Cover a table with a big piece of paper to contain the mess. 3. Pick 3 or 4 crayons that are complimentary colors. For example my daughter picked a couple oranges and yellows for one ornament. Peel the wrapper off the crayon and break in to small pieces. 4. Take top off the ornament and put crayon pieces inside. 5. Adult assistance: wearing a glove, hold your ornament over a hot hair dryer. It takes a few moments to start melting the crayons. Once they start melting, swirl the crayons around inside. Ta Da! 6. Once ornament is cooled down, put top back on. . .#toddlerart #kidart #preschoolart #homemadegifts #christmasornaments #homemadeornaments #meltedcrayons #meltedcrayonornaments #christmascrafts #favoritecolor #littleartists #giftfordaddy #creativekids #learningthroughplay #playislearning #colormixing #artwithmom #sahm #homeschoolmom #artwiggles

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Apparently, crayons make great festive decor. Want colorful and functional creations? Let your kids fill the ornaments with crayon colors they want, while you do the melting process.

 6. Glitter Twine Ball Ornament

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Returning Customer! Personalized Glitter/Ball Christmas Ornaments! Baby’s First Christmas & added Birth Stats! I have a few left so can still take a couple orders! Otherwise only Available only at Christmas time! Customize your own for any reason, for example whether it be just personalized, babies, themed balls, Santa Cams, Couples, or etc! Any reason to get a traditional yearly Christmas ornament for the tree— make it a custom one! I take all custom requests for these also get any glitter color you’d like! At times I may do some regular ball colors around Christmas time as well! To order go to link in bio! #christmastreeornaments #christmasballornaments #glitterballornaments #ballornaments #christmasornaments #personalizedornaments #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #customornaments

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There's something so lovely about the simplest of materials: twine. Add some “rustic glam” to your tree with these glitter twine ball ornaments. Make a bunch and gift some to your friends, too!

7. Pen & Ink Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Love the rustic look? You can write different messages you want or perhaps draw a picture on it. The possibilities are endless with these DIY Christmas ornaments! A set of these would make such an awesome gift!

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8. Scrap Ribbon Tree DIY Ornament

Homemade Christmas Ornaments | Our DIY Christmas Ideas Roundup

A great way to upcycle scrap ribbon, and surprisingly, teach your young ones how to tie their shoes. This scrap ribbon tree ornament is gorgeously rustic, simple, and practically easy to make. They sure look pretty cute dangling from the Christmas tree.

9. Clothespin Snowflakes | Handmade Ornament

These gorgeous “snowflakes” are actually 8 clothespins hot glue-gunned together and then painted with Minwax Early American Wood StainCheck out 13 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments For A Personalized Tree Decor at Clever and amazingly fabulous!

10. DIY Glitter Christmas Tree Ornaments

Learn how to make these eye-catching sparkly tree adornments and see how beautiful your tree becomes! These DIY Christmas ornaments are super easy to make, you can even let the kids join in on the fun.

11. Grinch DIY Christmas Ornaments

Grinchtastic! Anyone can do this craft project inexpensively and they're super simple to make. Tip: the sky's the limit when decorating clear ornaments. If you want to make a specific character, gather materials that make sense and go for it!

12. Natural-Looking DIY Glass Ornament

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It’s almost that time of year again 🎄

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Another great idea for decorating clear glass Christmas tree ornaments! All you need is some holly, wooden alphabet beads, white confetti or paper, and you're set!

13. Simple DIY Fingerprint Snowman Ornament

Perfect DIY project for you and your little ones! These simple DIY fingerprint snowman ornaments add cheerful and festive holiday trimmings to your Christmas tree.


These DIY Christmas ornaments are enough to get any crafter busy until Christmas. Homemade Christmas ornaments really add a special touch to every tree and the rest of your Christmas decorations. So, start making your DIY Christmas decor and handmade gifts today to make this year extra special. Time to get your craft on!

Which DIY Christmas ornaments are you going to get started on? Let us know in the comments section below!

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