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23 Homemade Christmas Ornaments | Christmas Decorating Ideas

Feature | Homemade Christmas Ornaments | Christmas Decorating Ideas

Spend less and feel extra festive by making your own homemade Christmas ornaments with these easy and nifty ideas.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments For A Merry Holiday

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Christmas Crafts Ideas to Make at Home

Make your holiday decor warm and cheery with these wonderful ideas for homemade Christmas ornaments you can easily pull off with readily available materials in and around your homestead!

1. DIY Pine Cone Ornament

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Spruce up some pine cones (for example, with some paint as pictured) is a beautiful way to bring the rustic appeal indoors. Pine cones come in many shapes and sizes, so you can definitely customize it into a Christmas decor of your desire.

2. Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

Looking for a fun and festive homemade ornament? This hot cocoa mix ornament is a sure hit! If you use it as a homemade gift, it will keep your recipient all warm and happy!

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3. Copper Wire Star Christmas Tree Ornaments

4. Cinnamon Ornaments

Imagine what this cinnamon applesauce heart ornament will bring into your house? I’ll definitely be making lots of this! Can’t wait to sniff around my homestead once the applesauce evaporates in my oven…

5. Glitter Book Ball Ornaments

Recycle your vintage music sheets by turning them into these joy decoupage homemade Christmas ornaments! Grab some clear ornaments, decoupaged it with vintage music sheets, then dust it with some glitter and attach a tag with the word “Joy.” Easy-peasy Christmas decor, right?


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Homemade Christmas ornaments make your home decor a cut above the rest. This is why crafters and DIY-ers have some of the fanciest and unique Christmas decors. These quick and easy Christmas crafts should give you more ideas to make your decor more interesting this year. Have a fun time decorating and have a happy holiday!

What are your favorite homemade Christmas ornaments from this list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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