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25 Heartwarming DIY Photo Ornaments To Craft For Christmas

Adorn your Christmas tree with these amazing DIY photo ornaments of your family and the people you love. Use these ideas and create your own ornaments everyone will adore!

DIY Photo Ornaments To Decorate Your Tree This Holiday

It's the happiest time of the year once more. The time to plan the grandest Christmas party, nibble a warm delicious cookie, put on your merriest onesie, and an excuse to rewatch A Charlie Brown Christmas. However, there's no better way to get into the true Christmas spirit than creating your own decorations with family and friends. That is the reason I've pulled together 25 DIY photo ornaments to help you spark your creativity amid the holiday season!


1. Santa Ornament

This adorable craft has easily whipped with a very few easy-to-find supplies. Aren't these Santa ornaments the cutest? These are perfect to craft now for the holiday to come. These would be just as lovely hanging in your Christmas tree!


2. Photo Christmas Ornaments

Can't decide which picture is your top pick? No worries, because this design will not have you choose! You can have four of your most adorable photos to Mod Podge onto a wooden block. Then, use your creativity to personalize it and make it more festive.


3. DIY Photo Transfer Ceramic Ornaments

I love the wonderful star shape of these DIY photo transfer ceramic ornaments! This could make a lovely gift, or just for your own Christmas tree decor!


4. DIY Glass Photo Ornaments

These DIY glass photo ornaments make a beautiful and personalized gift perfect for any occasion. Fast and easy to make. And if you're a crafty person, I'm sure you have most of the supplies around your home.


5. Family Tree Ornaments

If your old family photos are crowding your storage, these family tree ornaments are here to solve your problem. Bottle caps are perfect frames to create vintage ornaments, and family members will enjoy seeing their childhood memories dangling from the tree. Get ready for tons of trips down memory lane.


6. Paper Photo Ornament

If you love the classics, then this paper photo ornament will surely brighten up your Christmas tree. They will look amazingly beautiful on a tree adorned with all white lights. The tutorial is super easy, you can finish them in just 15 minutes!


7. Wood Slice Christmas Ornament

You don't have to chop down a tree just to make this beautiful rustic wood slice Christmas ornament. There are wood slices available at craft stores. Though this one needs a little drilling, its rustic elegance is worth all the work. They can even be used as lovely customized tags for holiday gifts.


8. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Frame Ornaments

If you're looking for a perfect frame to secure the cutest photos you have, the popsicle stick is the one! This popsicle sticks Christmas tree frame ornaments give popsicle sticks a whole new purpose. You can have your kids glue the rhinestones and choose the photos!


9. DIY Stuffed Suitcase Christmas Ornament

These dazzling suitcase ornaments exhibit your family's travel photos in an upcycled cardboard box. If you choose not to buy the real hinges you can simply glue or tape the sides together. Cut an old fridge magnet and stick it to the edges if you wish the suitcase to close.


10. Photo Christmas List Ornament

Nothing compares to the kids' list to Santa, it's the sweetest! This photo Christmas list ornament is the cutest way of pairing their early wish list and childhood photos. And the best part, it's perfect opportunity to teach kids about recycling because the lists are made from empty soda cans.


11. DIY Photo Tag Ornament

Customize some plastic ornaments from the dollar store with any holiday decor you can come up with and put your favorite photos inside. You can use it as a gift wrap embellishment, a cute ornament for your Christmas tree, or a perfect handmade gift which is not only inexpensive but conveys lots of beautiful thoughts.


12. Homemade Snowglobe Photo Ornament

Homemade snowglobe photo ornament is a fun and easy project! They will not only add cheerfulness to your holiday decorating ,but they also make a clever personalized gift or use one to make gift wrapping even more special.

13. DIY Dollar Store Photo Ornaments

Use dollar store frames to make DIY photo Christmas ornaments. It's easy, quick, and a frugal way to spruce up your tree! Plus it would be so fun to add new ones year after year.


14. 10-Minute Photo Keepsake Ornaments

Decorate your tree with these 10-minute photo keepsake ornaments. They're extremely easy to make. I'm sure you'll have so much joy filling your Christmas tree with family memories.


15. Mod Podge Photo Ornaments

Let's face it, Mod Podge is a true year-round supply when it comes to crafting. So, if you want to start a new homemade ornament tradition this year, there's no better way than to start it with the help of Mod Podge. This very simple tutorial will help you big time!


16. Glossy Photo Bottle Cap Ornaments

If you want a classy traditional, yet sophisticated look, try your hand at these glossy photo bottle cap ornaments. Once done, you’ll have a unique and hip piece jazzing up your holiday decorations.


17. Photo Tin Ornaments

With silver tins, your precious photos, and some ribbons, you too can have this quirky piece to glam up your holiday. They have a cottage charm and beautifully vintage spirit!


18. Memory Frame Ornament

Beautiful and delicate, have fun getting creative with your design as you embellish the frame. With this, all that was used was some trim and Christmas-themed scrapbook paper.


19. Shabby Chic Christmas Picture Frame Ornaments

Here’s another gorgeous, classic example of how to transform a dollar store find into something quite sweet and have a touch of beautiful nostalgia. These shabby chic Christmas picture frame ornaments are not only fantastically beautiful, they are also budget-friendly!


20. Christmas Cards Photo Ornament

Go grab some Christmas cards from the dollar store, then pair them with some of your favorite photos to create a whimsical ornament for your home. Just take a look at the unique vibe and youthful style!


21. Snowflake Photo Ornaments

Inexpensive felt snowflakes and rhinestone stickers can come together to create something wonderful and definitely in season! With a little glue and perfect photos, you can conjure up something as adorable as these snowflake photo ornaments.


22. Sassy Juice Top Photo Ornaments

Can you believe these photo ornaments were made from metal juice can tops? Follow the tutorial to create your own and decorate them for a personalized twist!


23. DIY Playing Card Ornament

Here's an epic way to repurpose playing cards to deck out your tree this holiday! A set of playing cards will give a quirky vibe to this funky holiday ornament.


24. Mini Collage Upcycled Lid Ornament

This super easy and fun ornament was created from mason jar lid. The catch is on the embellishment! With your creativity, possibilities are endless!


25. Candy Cane Heart Christmas Ornament

Deck your halls with this cute candy cane heart Christmas ornament. I'm sure you'll love to have a Christmas staple in your decoration. These simple candy cane ornament will give your tree a new look for this season.


Want to see a DIY photo ornament in action? Check out this video from craftingbrooke:

It's already heartwarming to see photos on display on the wall. To use photos to decorate for a special occasion is one thing for sure everyone would appreciate and enjoy! Use this list of DIY photo ornaments to fill your Christmas tree with fun memories you've captured with family and friends.

Which one of these DIY photo ornaments will you make this Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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