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Super Creative Garden Art Ideas -DIY

Garden art is so in right now! It's officially the first day of summer which means outdoor parties, lounging by the pool and backyard barbecues. Since you'll be spending so much time outdoors its time to spruce up your space, with a bit of creativity. We have some great ideas to spruce up your garden and make your yard the envy of all the neighbors! 6 Garden Art Ideas For Your …Continue Reading

How To Make Compost | DIY Composting Ideas

We hate love to break it to you - compositing isn't just for the farms! This gardening technique has become one of the most popular Go-Green practices in both urban and rural dwellings. To top it all off, it is one of the most simple, cost effective, eco-friendly contributions we can give back to mother nature. DIY Composting IdeasIf you're anything like us, we are all …Continue Reading

45 Homemade BBQ Recipes And Mouthwatering BBQ Ideas

No backyard barbecue is complete without winning BBQ recipes! Your grill takes center stage and the spotlight is on your BBQ. While there are lots of barbecue marinades and sauces available on the market, nothing beats a homemade recipe. Help yourself to these delectable recipes you can make your own! BBQ Recipes So Good You'll Be Firing Up The Grill ASAP!   1. Homemade …Continue Reading

How to Build a Greenhouse

Greenhouses come both big and small, and they are all so easy to build and maintain! Greenhouses provide a controlled and protected environment that keep your plants fresh all year long, even during off-seasons and harsh winters. You can also grow exotic plants that you wouldn't be able to otherwise! Here are a few of our favorite DIY greenhouses using various greenhouse …Continue Reading

Compost Bin DIY: Quick Pallet Project

Looking for a great weekend project that will not take your whole weekend? Have some yard cleanup to do anyway? Try this pallet compost bin we built out of repurposed pallets and zip ties. It takes less than an hour, and is actually a great compost bin, due to the way the pallets create structure to the pile, but also allow ventilation. Practically free, super fast to build, …Continue Reading