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How to Make Cough Drops

Learn how to make cough drops and send that winter cough packing! Winter is the season for holiday cheer, togetherness, fireplace cuddles....and COLDS. Yep, exposure to chilly air can lead to scratchy throats, runny noses and, of course, persistent coughs. But don't let seasonal maladies get you down! Certified holistic nutritionist Sophie Uliano shared a simple recipe …Continue Reading

11 DIY Tool Kits | Tool Organizer Ideas You Can Do at Home

Learn How to Make a Easy Homemade Tool Organizer Tired of losing your tools or misplacing them? Wonder how you can keep everything in one place and make your garage or tool house neat and tidy? Worry no more! I've collected a few different ideas to help you make sure all your tools are in the right place.   DIY Tool Kits 1. DIY Vegan Leather Bound Wrap  Great …Continue Reading

[QUIZ] What Kind of DIY-er Are You?

Know thyself. A simple aphorism, but tricky to execute. There's no manual for understanding your true self! This quiz won't help you make major strides in self understanding, but it will take you a teensy bit closer. For us crafters, it is important to know: what kind of DIY-ers are we, really? …Continue Reading

How Zip Ties Can Help you Bike Through a Blizzard

Snowpocalypse has descended on cities all across America. Canada's a goner. Most cyclists will be deterred by snowy roads and treacherous ice slicks. However, if you're one of the few brave (i.e. stubborn)  souls who bikes come rain, shine or blizzard, then it's important to properly winterize your two-wheeled steed. If you're unwilling to shell out the big bucks for studded …Continue Reading

How to Lay Tile in Bathroom | DIY Home Improvement Projects

Love DIY home improvement projects? Want to learn how to lay tile in bathroom? Check out this handy tutorial!  How to Lay Tile in Bathroom | DIY Home Improvement Projects Looking for challenging but rewarding DIY home improvement projects? This might be the DIY for you! Laying bathroom tiles is not as easy as it might seem. To give your bathroom that perfect professional …Continue Reading

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