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13 DIY Homemade Weed Killers To Improve Your Gardening

Want to kill weeds without destroying the soil? If you do, well, it can be effectively done with household items that won't cost you nearly as much as the name brand options. There are many DIY homemade weed killers to choose from. Here we have collected 13 recipes for you to try. Let us know what you think! While it has been said that the only difference between a weed and …Continue Reading

Enjoy Your Cool Nights Outdoors With A DIY Stone Fire Pit

You know what's the perfect way to spend a cool night? For me, it would be around a camp fire, surrounded by friends and family, a cool beer in hand, and barbeque on the other. This scenario is best completed with a fire pit that's exactly what you want, not too flashy nor extravagant, but rather simple and efficient. This DIY stone fire pit is just what you need. Enjoy Your …Continue Reading

15 Beautiful DIY Greenhouses | Extend Your Growing Season

Looking for the best DIY greenhouse to grow your veggies? Then, check out this list of 15 DIY greenhouses so that you can grow your veggies year round! Greenhouses are just perfect to have for so many reasons. They can extend the growing season in cold temperatures and allow you to grow varieties of veggies that you may have trouble growing traditionally in your …Continue Reading

This DIY Giant Jenga Will Change The Way You Play The Game

Jenga is a family game, mainly because it's what we play indoors and whenever we have guests around. It's a great way to break the ice and it also keeps you thinking. A couple of months ago, I watched this Big Bang Theory episode where they played with giant Jenga in their living room, and I was like "Hey! I could do that!". I told my wife about my DIY giant Jenga project and …Continue Reading

20+ Incredible DIY Garden Projects To Choose From

I’m the type of person that looks around my house and see if there are things I can add, fix, or build to make look it look better. This weekend, I suggest you do the same for your backyard with these DIY garden projects. I spend my free time outdoors, literally in our backyard, and I’ve been getting to know our garden a little bit better. It’s usually my wife’s area of …Continue Reading

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