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Dinner Party Decor Ideas

Dinner Party Decor for every day of the year. Whether you're having a backyard soiree during the summer, or a wedding during the spring time we have some great decor ideas to make heads turn. Check them out below.  Sunny SunflowerSummer is the perfect time to find an array of beautiful flowers including sunflowers which bloom during the summer. The bright yellow …Continue Reading

DIY- Install a Stone Patio

Stone patio for your backyard? Why not, it might be just what you need this summer. I know it sounds like a complicated project to take on, but its not, at least not with our easy tutorial. Read on for more! Make Your Own Stone Patio First, just know that this is not one of those 5 minute home decor projects, this one will take some time. You're gonna have to get your hands …Continue Reading

10 Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard

Are you searching for pergola ideas? Take on a backyard project by building stylish pergola plans, a structure traditionally meant to provide shade with the vines growing overhead. There are many styles of pergolas to choose from and finding the right design for your space can be a challenge. Well, don't worry about it because there are 10 pergola images and ideas listed in …Continue Reading

15 DIY Outdoor Family Games

Looking for DIY outdoor family games? Summer spells fun under the sun! Aside from all the barbecues and gatherings, our family always tries to spend time together on the weekends. If we're not watching movies, we're doing a little family DIY project to keep us busy. However, there are times when I just run out of family bonding ideas but since we have an amazing backyard, I …Continue Reading

DIY Swimming Pool Cover- Tutorial

Pool cover is needed in the summer too, its not just for winter. This summer is gearing up to be a scorcher so chances are you'll be using the pool ALOT. Swimming pools require a bit of maintenance and when left uncovered leaves, debris and all kinds of insects can get it. That's why you need a pool cover and today we'll show you how to make one. Make Your own Pool …Continue Reading