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Patio Projects For Your Garden & Landscape | DIY Projects

Need landscape and patio projects & ideas, including the best garden projects? Improve the look of your backyard with these DIY projects. It's summer time which means many of us spend hours on end maintaining and manicuring our outdoor home space. Some of us are suckers for having pristine grass or vibrant flowers, others of us can't resist having access to a tasty …Continue Reading

14 DIY Backyard Ideas As Seen On Yard Crashers | DIY Projects

Are you in need of a backyard makeover? If you want to do a DIY yard crashers edition on your backyard, these backyard ideas will help you achieve that! 14 DIY Yard Crashers Ideas To Upgrade Your Backyard Have you seen an episode of Yard Crashers? If you have, then I'm sure you also drooled over the stunning backyard makeover ideas they've done throughout the show. I …Continue Reading

Build Your Own Floating Deck | Step-By-Step Guide To A More Relaxing Backyard

We have a great front yard and enjoy spending time in it. However, it is right on the sidewalk and street, so there is a high volume of people passing by. And while I love to say “hi” to my neighbors and wave to friends passing by, it’s also nice to have a little private area to unwind. Now, understand that “private” in a city is relative. If we truly wanted to be totally …Continue Reading

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