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9 Top Rated Airbrush Kits On Amazon That Are Under $100

close-woman-artist-jeans-cleans-prepares | 9 Top Rated Airbrush Kits On Amazon That Are Under $100 | Featured

If you're looking for airbrush kits in Amazon for your next DIY painting or makeup projects, you came to the right place. Check here the top-rated airbrush kits from Amazon you can definitely add to your cart!

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Amazing Airbrush Kits You Can Find on Amazon

Best Overall Amazon Airbrush Kit

1. Master Airbrush Cool Runner II

The Master Airbrush Cool Runner II is overall the most affordable and useful as it can do everything you need it to. It is equipped with a 1/5 hp single-piston with two cooling fans to give out precise painting strokes. The best news is that we're giving it away in our Facebook group!

Most Affordable Airbrush Set From Amazon

2. Master Performance S68 | $29.96

Whether it for automobiles, makeup, or even food, the Master Performance S68 gives you the most precise paint job. It comes with a metal color cup and a fluid bottle lid assembly.

3. Timbertech AG-134K Kit | $28.99

The AG-134K has a dual-action trigger for a much easier fluid release for accurate painting. It is best suitable for airbrush tattoos, nail art, and cake decorating.

4. Pointzero Multi-Purpose Dual-Action Set | $38.99

This set comes with a mini compressor and the PZ-260 set. It can spray out 25 psi of air pressure because of its 12 V AC adapter that comes with it.

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Compact Airbrush Kits From Amazon

5. Cosscci Upgraded Kit | $49.99

A portable airbrush that can go a long way. The Cosscci upgraded set comes with a 9 CC and 20 CC cup that is very easy to operate. It fits easily in the pocket and is charged via USB.

6. Gocheer Professional Kit | $58.99

The USB rechargeable Gocheer pro kit is equipped with a quiet air compressor. It can run from 30-50 minutes in one full charge.  This is a single-action device with a protective air pump perfect for your makeup, painting, and even cake projects.

7. I-Beauty 27 PSI | $59.99

Just by its model name, this I-Beauty kit is powered at 27 PSI with dual action. In addition, its power makes it 1.5 times more efficient than the other airbrushes in its range.

Best Airbrush Kits With Compressor In Amazon

8. Timbertech ABPST07 | $75.99

The Timbertech ABPST07 packs a punch with a quiet yet powerful 1/6 hp compressor. The best thing of all — it is equipped with a cool down fan. This kit can also power 0 to 57 psi for long use and accurate spraying.

9. Zeny Pro | $82.79

The Zeny Pro comes with a 3L tank and a 6ft hose making it a multipurpose machine. It is a great kit to use for heavy duty airbrush tattoo, cake decorating, nail painting, and for other art projects.

Watch this video from Scale-a-ton for tips on how to improve a cheap airbrush kit:

These Amazon airbrush kits are easy in the pocket and can be used for all your DIY painting needs. Lastly, don't forget to join our giveaway in our Facebook group and you might win one of these!

Which one is your favorite airbrush kit from Amazon? We recommend the first one! Tell us in the comment section below!

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