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9 DIY Key Holders

Let these DIY key holders remember where your keys are so you don't have to. 9 DIY Key Holders If you're like me, you're constantly losing your keys. People have given me all kinds of advice to prevent me from misplacing them, but nothing helps! The only thing that keeps me from having to replace my keys every month is my handy dandy DIY key holder. Every time I enter the …Continue Reading

6 DIY Projects All People With a March Zodiac Sign Need to Try

Born under a March Zodiac sign (Aries or Pisces)? We've got DIY projects to match your astrological personality. This post is for you, Fish and Fire! People born under a March zodiac sign -- Aries and Pisces -- are said to have some unique personality traits. According to Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and that's pretty much how those born under this …Continue Reading

DIY Projects That Started Out as Rugs and Became Something Totally Different

Sometimes you're working on a DIY project, and it turns out entirely different than what you planned. That's what happened with these rugs! DIY Projects That Started Out as Rugs And Became Something Else Entirely Rugs are a surprisingly good foundation for a variety of DIY projects; they provide automatic shape, structure and texture upon which to build. Flat-woven ones in …Continue Reading

Beginner DIY Skills That Pay Off Most [VIDEO]

Beginner DIY Skills That Pay Off Most When to do it yourself, and when to give up and call a pro...  SEE ALSO: How to Build a Wood Pallet Wall  Every avid DIY-er and crafty crafter knows that doing things yourself isn't just loads of fun, it can also save you money. That is, if you have the proper skills to get a project done -- and done well. To make a proper …Continue Reading

10 Tufted Headboard Tutorials | DIY Tufted Headboard

Looking for DIY tufted headboard ideas? Then read on.... DIY Tufted Headboard Tufted headboards are so elegant -- they'll truly make you feel like a royal. However, a tufted headboard can cost a LOT of money. So why not sleep like a queen (or king) without spending all the gold in the kingdom? These 10 DIY tufted headboard tutorials will help you on your quest to dress …Continue Reading

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