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Electrical & Wiring

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Stones

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping 101 Project 2 - Wire Wrapping Stones - Make a Wire Wrapped Ring In this project you'll learn how to make a beautiful wire wrapped ring. This project goes over ring-making basics. We've also added a fun gemstone so you'll know how to add precious elements. Wire wrapping stones is a great skill for any other jewelry project too. You can …Continue Reading

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Care

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Tutorials Lesson 7 - Jewelry Care Once you create your jewelry, you want to make sure it is going to last! Here Stephanie offers some advice on the caring and keeping of your wire wrapped jewelry, keeping it untarnished, keeping it from getting tangled, and keeping it forever. Wire wrapping takes a lot of time and effort. You want to …Continue Reading

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Safety

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Tutorials Lesson 4 - Wire Wrapping Safety Some elements of wire jewelry can get a tad dangerous. You'll be working with sharp fragments of metal, and even bits of glass at times. Be sure to always have your safety goggles on when cutting your wire. And always clean up after your projects to ensure bits of metal aren't lying around …Continue Reading

Crawl Space Insulation Guide

Your house's crawl space insulation should be your first suspect if you already have your furnace on full blast but you've still got cold feet. Here's a complete crawl space insulation guide that will surely keep your underfoot cozy. RELATED: How To Repair Leaky Single And Double Handle Faucet Cartridges Crawl Space Insulation Guide | Top 10 Tips For a Masterful Crawl Space …Continue Reading

How Fuses and Circuit Breakers Can Protect Your Home

Fuses and circuit breakers can protect your home from electric shock. You don't have to be an electrical engineer to know about fuses and circuit breakers. Learn the basics and protect your home from a possible fire outbreak! RELATED: 21 Easy Home Improvement Projects: Small Budget, Big Impact Upgrades Fuses and Circuit Breakers | Protect Your Home from Electrical Shock and …Continue Reading

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