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DIY Jewelry Holder Ideas

Proud jewelry owners put a lot of effort into organizing their valuables. After all, they need to prevent the mess and entanglement that can happen in an instant. However, many women don’t realize that there is a way to both eliminate the ordeal of searching for the right piece and to use their jewelry to enhance their interior décor.

So, instead of stacking it in drawers, you are better off giving each piece the place out in the open that it deserves. With these DIY jewelry holder ideas, you can save space and have your possessions elegantly displayed — it’s a win-win scenario.


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DIY Jewelry Holder Ideas

Make a DIY Jewelry Stand

Picking the right jewelry holder is crucial. You don’t have to think about spending money just yet. Instead, try to repurpose some of the everyday items that surround you. For example, get vintage saucers and plates out of your kitchen and use them to arrange your ring collection. With a bit of spray paint and a power drill to make holes, you can make great DIY jewelry holders. You can also craft a unique cake stand for showcasing your jewelry.

If you have a ceramic egg crate, you’ve got yourself another practical and stylish DIY jewelry holder. Even a painted cardboard egg carton can be of great use. You can arrange valuables on the vamped up carton according to their size, color or style. Clothes hangers can also serve as holders for your necklaces. Simple additions, like hooks or a wooden branch, can increase functionality and add pizzazz. Or, alternatively, you can put some pretty branches in a vase and hang smaller jewelry pieces on them.

Another approach is to make good use of objects that resemble jewelry. Check out some diamond-like fire pit accessories like Blazing Glass diamond fire beads that are available in various colors, from royal blue to emerald green. These decorative shiny art chunks with add style to your fireplace and capture the attention of any viewer.


Diy Jewelry Board

There’s no such thing as too much creativity! Note that any structure with a perforated surface, such as a net, can be transformed into wall-mounted jewelry décor. Yes, even an old tennis racket or a mosquito window screen will cut it, so think twice before discarding unused items.

I also wouldn't miss the chance to make one of those adorable DIY jewelry boxes. All you need to do is to print the pattern (available as a free printable online), fold it up, and fill the box with your prized possessions.

Use bracelets as napkin holders to use as glamorous accents on your table. You can use different types, as long as they have something in common. For example, perhaps they’re all gold or all made from Swarovski crystals.

If you have some nice vintage jewelry that you don’t wear often, why not put it on the wall and frame it? You can also utilize an empty mirror frame by adding some lace to hang your jewelry on. It’ll serve a much better purpose than sitting in the drawer and collecting dust. Now that you have some killer ideas, feel free to experiment yourself.


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