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Electrical & Wiring

Volts, Amps and Watts Oh My! Explaining The Basics Of Electricity

Volts, Amps and Watts oh my! What we’re looking at here are different ways to talk about electricity. We’re not going to get hyper-technical, but we’re going to get technical enough for you to be able to understand the power you use, and hopefully get to a point where you’re ready to work with a solar array and system. In other words, this is a real world guide with useful …Continue Reading

The Coolest $5 Dollar Bluetooth Outdoor Wireless Speaker

You may think an outdoor wireless speaker may cost you an arm and leg, but with this DIY you definitely won't be breaking the bank. Read on and learn how to build your own DIY outdoor wireless speaker and keep your guests entertained! A Budget-Friendly Outdoor Wireless Speaker I just can’t let a day pass without hearing my favorite songs as loud as my ears can take. But when …Continue Reading

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