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Electrical & Wiring

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Safety

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping Tutorials Lesson 4 - Wire Wrapping Safety Some elements of wire jewelry can get a tad dangerous. You'll be working with sharp fragments of metal, and even bits of glass at times. Be sure to always have your safety goggles on when cutting your wire. And always clean up after your projects to ensure bits of metal aren't lying around …Continue Reading

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Types Beads for Wire Wrapping

How to Make Wire Jewelry | Wire Wrapping 101 Lesson 11 - Types of Beads for Wire Wrapping Beads and other decorative elements are a fun way to add extra color and flair to your wire jewelry. The possibilities of what beads, or stones, or even crystals you can use are endless when it comes to wire wrapping. Here are just a few ideas of beads for wire wrapping to get you …Continue Reading