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House Restoration Projects: A Handy Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

House Restoration Projects: A Handy Guide Are you turned off by the sight of decrepit old buildings in a state of disrepair? If so, you could be the person to breathe new life into such structures. Learn how to restore disused homes and revamp their condition condition from bleak to beautiful. This infographic from online furniture retailer Chic Furniture and Gift gives a …Continue Reading

How to Install Recessed Lighting

Did you know you can install a roomful of recessed lights with minimal drywall tear-out and patch work? You can easily install these down lights by following our step-by-step tutorial. Plus, you can use the techniques learned here to install other types of ceiling lighting as well. How to Install Recessed Lighting  See also: 10 DIY Pendant Lighting Projects 1. …Continue Reading

DIY Teen Room Decor Projects

Looking to spice up your room? Check out these awesome DIY teen room decor ideas and look no further. When I was a teen, I constantly wanted to change my room around and redecorate. Thankfully, my parents let me express my creativity and pretty much style things that way I wanted them. Now that I have a teen, I get to enjoy the joys of fun, funky room decoration all over …Continue Reading

Bedroom String Lights With Origami Paper Lanterns

Make Bedroom String Lights With Origami Paper Lanterns It's always sad to see folks pulling down their Christmas lights after the holidays have come and gone. I get attached to the cheery, twinkly lights adorning door fronts and lawns around the neighborhood! When they're packed away, the world loses a little sparkle and a humdrum quotidian pace settles back over the …Continue Reading

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