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Lightbulb Guide | Choosing The Best Lightbulbs For Your Home [Infographic]

Does your home look a bit gloomy? With the proper lightbulb, you can definitely lighten it up! Lightbulb Guide | Choosing The Best Lightbulbs For Your Home [Infographic] When planning a lighting project, it's important to get tips for choosing the best lighting products to meet your needs, be familiar with common lighting terms, and to know the different light bulb types and …Continue Reading

Brighten Up Your Home With This DIY Mason Jar Lights

Nowadays, you see mason jars almost everywhere. Apart from their main function as a storage item, they can even be used as decorations for your home. It's not so surprising to know that because mason jars are highly useful. You can drink with it, store items in it, save food in it, or even upgrade it into being a decorative item. What you might miss is that mason jars can also …Continue Reading

DIY Wine Cork Crafts

Looking for DIY wine cork crafts? Cork crafts are fun and easy. Learn how to make a wine cork wreath, wine cork board, other ideas with wine corks. DIY Wine Cork Crafts Did you know that there are so many uses for your old wine corks? The "cork art" craze has been exploding lately so we wanted to feature our favorite cork projects that you can easily make at home. The more …Continue Reading

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