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Create A Prism Candle Light | DIY Mason Jar Crafts

Need some new mood lighting? We’ve got you covered with this DIY prism candle from mason jars. What we have here is a tutorial for a prism candle holder which makes a prism candle–a fantastic decor lighting idea you won’t have to spend big bucks on. With this simple mason jar craft, your light will take on a brand new shape! So what are you waiting for? Read on and let’s get started!

How to Make a Fun and Easy Prism Candle with Mason Jars


Supplies You Will Need to Make a Prism Mason Jar Light:


Step 1. Apply Glue to Mason Jar

Take your E3600 glue and apply in small patches to the surface of the mason jar in a well-ventilated area with your brush.

Apply glue to a small area on the jar, working from the base of the lid downward.

Step 2. Apply Glass to Mason Jar

Add glass elements over the glue. Take your time planning out the design, as some round glass elements may be bigger than others.

Once the area is dry, move on to the next, slowly covering the body of the mason jar. This process took me a few hours, so no rush!

Step 3. Finishing Touches

DIY Mason Jar Lights

You can add your own decor on the lid of the mason jar or you can do tie this simple ribbon with a rustic charm to it. You can make a DIY candle too, to put inside the prism candle holder. Place the candle inside, light it up, and voila! A lovely prism candle which you can also make into a prism candle lantern. So cool, right?

If you are interested in making your own candles (which I know you are), then you will LOVE this candle kit! It’s by our trusted friends at It has everything you need to make basic votive soy candles. Check it out:

Get the step-by-step guide to making this candle in this video from Grey Sea:

Prism candles make fantastic indoor and outdoor decor that’s fun and easy to make. Add a few of these prism candle mason jar crafts around your room and enjoy the dreamy, star-like effect they give off when illuminated. Or you can take it outside when hosting an evening party outdoors. A few of these prism candles will transform your bare backyard into a fairy wonderland at night. Have fun!

Will you give this DIY prism candle from mason jar craft a try? We’d love to hear how it went in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 15, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. I love this idea! If you wanted to make this project, a bit more ‘user friendly,’ you could use string of 20 count white or even colored miniature “Christmas” lights. Add a bit of iris root/rice, which has been scented with a pleasant oil, and it becomes a ‘therapy’ tool!

    My only concern that I would add is, miniature lights create heat, thus providing the the ‘scenting’ capability. However, I have always been concerned about over heating and posing a risk for fire.

    Now that the LED light strands are available, (And really inexpensive, especially during the ‘after Christmas’ sales!) using the LED lights, would be my first choice. Unfortunately, the lack of heat would negate the ability to generate a ‘scent.’

    And for all the ‘perfectionist’ crafters, you can go even further. Drill a hole at the base of the jar, bottle, whatever glass container you choose, big enough to thread the light string through, then seal it with clear silicone. When finished, you have an incredible, low maintenance, user friendly, longterm, not to mention, “FUN” gift!

    Just thinkin’, and thought I’d share.

    • My daughter and I did something very similar to this years ago for Christmas gifts…We used quart size mason jars, a small string of Christmas lights, potpourri, small crocheted doilies and raffia.We wound the lights into the jars while putting in the potpourri, put the doilies on top and tied it to the jars with the raffia. The people we gave them to are still using them! When the lights heat up the wonderful smell of the potpourri fills the area. Over the years we have added drops of scented oils to keep it fresh.

  2. I think this is beautiful. I was wondering if you thought a solar light would work instead,would it be just as bright and pretty? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Penny, a solar light is a wonderful idea! I think you should go for it. Feel free to share pictures of your project with us, We would love to see how it turns out. 🙂

  3. Great idea! I’ve done this before but used a hot glue gun to glue the glass elements which worked fine until the mason jar would heat up (with the candles lit inside) and the glass elements fell off? Have you not run into this problem using this glue? Thanks!

  4. Love love love this!!! But I have a few questions. I know u named all of the items needed, but which glue is absolutely the best for glass to glass? And also, I’m assuming those are the little glass pebble like things that are flat on one side?? Just looks like it would be hard to get those beads on straight. And, got any other ideas about what you could use to decorate the jar with. I have some old glass candle holders that I saved for a projects but it was too messy and the stuff didn’t stay on. Might try using some of those too. But the mason jars are my fav!!! You are so creative!! Do you have a facebook?

  5. Hi! I am trying to do this mason jar craft, but the glass stones keep sliding and falling off the mason jar. I bought E6000 glue, which I thought would work. Is there a better glue or a way to make the stones stick? Please help!!

    • Hi there Caroline,

      We recommend a Two-part general purpose gray structural adhesive that may be used for bonding metal, glass and plastic!

      That’s your best bet!

      Thanks for the question.

    • after you apply the e6000 glue place the stones where you desire them. don;t place too many(about two rows of 8 total) because they will slide. try using a blow dryer on the low setting panning back and forth about 5-6 inches at times if you have the cool button on the blow dryer zap that from time to time. this will speed the drying time and allow the stones to adhere faster. other wise your stones will slide. this process does take time. however, if your using the pint size mason jar this project will take about 2 hours complete. never place the candle inside the jar alone. always use an insert for the tea light.

  6. Your instructions say E3600 but there is no such product. It’s E6000. It even shows so in the pictures. I am familiar with this product. You really should be more thorough when giving instructions to the public.

    • It’s an idea of a craft….I think your comment is a bit harsh. They don’t need to be more careful when “giving information to the public”…the public needs to use common sense. I noticed it right away…assumed typo and went on with this awesome craft idea. GREAT JOB GUYS…DONT WORRY I WONT SUE YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR IMPROPER PUBLIC INFORMATION…LOL

  7. I think these are beautiful. I can only find the E6000 in black. But I am still going to make them! So does it take a lot of the adhesive per marble?

  8. I made these today with my Cocktails, Cooking and Crafting girls’ group. The E6000 took forever so we used hot glue guns but one of us found out this does not work with the heat of tea lights. 🙁 I have some party ice cubes that change colors. I put those in my jars and they are beautiful. You can get them at Walmart. Just thought I would share.

  9. I found that painting the jar and the stones and allowing them to dry for 5 minutes before placing them resulted in less sliding around. Neat craft!

  10. Ok, I’m going to save you folks a lot of trouble before you start this project. The E6000 is useless for this particular project. It’s very messy, and the glass beads just slide right off. so, unless you have a 1/2 hr to hold each bead down, don’t bother. It’s much easier to just grab your glue gun! Using a regular glue gun, is quick and very easy. Just dab a bit on, stick on your glass bead, and in a few seconds it holds perfectly. Once I put the glue gun into effect, the project went very quickly and it looked great. Go ahead and buy the little fake candles, so you don’t have to worry about heat making anything loose. I will tell you though, with the glue gun method, if you put a good amount on, it holds very well and it’s not a problem

    • Glue guns work ok on things, but items will fall off if knocked at all. After awhile even glue gun glue will give out and things just fall off automatically. I’ve been crafting for 40 years. The instructions do say to work in small areas and let dry. It will take awhile. The E6000 glue works very on things you want to make permanent. Everything and I do mean everything that I’ve ever bought at a craft fair that’s meant to be handled that was put together using hot glue has fallen apart. I’ve had to redo every piece of jewelry, magnet, etc. that I bought from a crafter who used hot glue, because it was easier and faster. If you plan on doing a project, please take your time and do it right.

    • Hey could u possibly post ur picture of them? I’m in process of one. I read it thinking easy lol I also hot glued the stones but i did it around the bottom of jewel now, there’s glob looks of hot glue. I’m trying not to give up on this one Grandparents gift! Hope to see how pretty urs looks!

  11. I made these and gave them to some people that live in a group home where no “candles” are allowed so I substituted the candle for a flameless tea light.. works great!

  12. The E6000 didn’t work for me, they just kept slipping off. I used high intensity heat gun, and held them on for 20 seconds. I also used an led tea light. I would pay a pic. But can’t figure out how to do that I the comments…sorry. thanks for the diy 🙂

  13. I made these for outdoor lights. I used silicone for the adhesive since it adjustd to the fluctuation of temperatures much better than other adhesives. They are going thru their second winter without losing any stones ☺

    • Deb, Are you talking about the silicone that you caulk a bathtub with? Is there a brand , etc. Also, do you live in a cold part of the country (snow).Curious as you say its been 2 winters…. Thanks, Sue

  14. Hola. Fantástica idea. Yo le hice una variante que quizás les interese.
    El frasco lo di vuelta y perforé la tapa para colocar luz de bajo consumo dentro. Los apliques de vidrio dan unas tonalidades maravillosas. Gracias por el eDiy la tapa

  15. this is so cute I must do this to keep in kids room as night light… Ill just use the tea light that’s battery operated.

  16. Could I ask what the fan brush was used for? The other brush was used to put the glue on the jar and fan brushes are expensive to be using on glue…

    • Hi Judy,

      We had that fan brush laying around (it was already covered in glue so it was no issue for us to use it). I highly recommend using your other less-costly brushes for adhesives. 😉


  17. I would also use a dap of clear epoxy,,,,I use the clear caulking like used on my glass windows, etc, I paint on windows and do not want the caulking to show up behind my painting, It is quick to harden and only would take a dab

  18. I also tried the E6000 and I could not take the smell from the glue any suggestions for any out kind of glue I could use?


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