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DIY String Lights To Decorate Your Rooms | DIY Projects

I've recently used white string lights to decorate our patio. It achieved a cozy and starry effect I just can't get enough of. While sitting outside, it just came to me: “What other DIY decorations can I make with string lighting inside our home?” Immediately, I started researching and the results were crazy good! That's why I've rounded up some cool and awesome string light ideas we can both try, and hopefully, keep our rooms stunning all year round!

15 DIY String Lights To Light Up Your Room


1. Starry Bed Post

One word to describe what I'm seeing now — divine! Recreate this DIY bedroom canopy and make an illusion of a bedpost by mounting two towel rings in the ceiling with hooks and hang some fabric and LED string lights.


2. Illuminated Chalkboard Movie Sign

Two crafty things put together to make awesome room decor: chalkboard and string lights! We don't always hold movie nights at home, but I think this is a great project for the kitchen. I plan to use it for “Today's Menu.”


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3. DIY Ampersand Marquee Light

I'm a fan of the ampersand symbol and this is a project I'd really like to do soon. The good thing about this DIY ampersand marquee light is you can also use other designs! In fact, you can also make DIY marquee letters!


4. DIY Dixie Cup Garland

This DIY Dixie cup garland is one of the prettiest things I've seen and I love that it's so easy to do! It's a great room decor especially if you choose to use pastel-colored cups in this project.


5. DIY Flower Lights

These DIY flower lights are the perfect room decor for a little girl's room. Make it as colorful as you want! All you need are cupcake liners and string lights, and you'll have blooming flowers sparkling at night.


6. DIY Lighted Mirror

You know how awesome it feels when you sit in front of a makeup vanity table with those pretty light bulbs? Well, you can continue feeling like a Hollywood A-lister if you make this lighted mirror. Just wrap the string lights around your mirror of choice. It's that easy!


7. DIY Starlight Garland

Oh yes! It's definitely going to be a starry night in the living room with this amazing DIY starlight garland! I think white stars and yellow lights is the best combo for this one.


8. DIY Bed Canopy String Lights

Make your bedroom as dreamy as can be with this DIY bed canopy string light. Actually, you just have to position the string lights behind the canopy to achieve the dreamy look. If you want to learn how to make a romantic bed canopy, I can also help you with that one.


9. DIY LED Headboard

This DIY LED headboard project might require more effort, but trust me, it's worth the work! You'll need some wooden and translucent panels, screws, and string lights to pull this off. The end result? It's like sleeping under the sky at night!


10. DIY Winter Sparkle Mirror Garland

Does your teenage girl's room need some upgrading? Brighten up her room instantly with this DIY mirror garland that creates a winter wonderland illusion. It's serendipitous and magical indoor string lighting!


11. DIY Colorful Globe String Lights

Are you a fan of rainbow colors? Don't miss out on making these colorful globe string lights! Once you're done, you can hang it anywhere and enjoy the rainbow-hued glow.


12. DIY Flameless Fire Pit

I really like this one and I admire the creative thought put into this project! Have a bonfire every night without the heat or smoke with this DIY flameless fire pit. This will surely be a great addition to any room in your home.


13. Fairy Light Jars

Fairy light jars are a popular string lights project and there's no question why. It's VERY easy to make, but the finished product is really cute, especially when put on display at night. Great decor for home parties and gatherings!


14. Reclaimed Barnwood Arrow Sign

Wooden arrows are a huge hit nowadays, which is why you must have one too! However, let's do it differently. Instead of just hanging a wooden arrow on your wall, do this DIY arrow sign with string lights to make it extra special!


15. DIY Photo Montage

If you want to steer clear of photo frames, then create this photo montage with string lights. You can hang the lights with push pins and clip your photos using clothespins. And there you have it, your own photo wall!


Now that you have a couple of DIY string light decor ideas for your rooms, you might want to check out how you can install string lights on your patio. Check out the steps from

As I've said, time and time again–the simplest things can make the biggest impact. You can easily find these string lights everywhere, but its versatility is not something everybody knows about. Lucky for you, I got your back with these awesome DIY projects! Whether you install them outdoors or in any room in your home, I'm sure you'll get that extra starlight glow you've always wanted.

Did you enjoy our list of decorative DIY string lights for your rooms? What are your thoughts on these DIY room decor ideas? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 14, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. AvatarPaul Lackey says

    April 7, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    I was highly interested in the Wine Bottle Lights. However, no details on creating this that I could find. Where are the directions? Please!

    • Avatar says

      April 8, 2015 at 12:23 am

      This is my take on the lights in the bottles. in the picture of the 4 bottles you can see a round hole down at the bottom and I think it is a hole drilled into the glass with the lights pushed into the bottles. You could use battery powered or a string.

  2. AvatarMark says

    April 7, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    A more practical use, especially if your back porch or carport is built using C or Z purlin, is to place the rope lights in the channel of the purlin. This provides a gentle diffuse glow for the back porch, and an alternative to the floodlights in your eyes when you pull into the carport.

  3. AvatarTreshea Johnson says

    April 10, 2015 at 10:08 am

    I love love love the DIY firepit!! Thanks for the AMAZING idea. Definitely will be using this craft

  4. Avatarsmith says

    January 28, 2016 at 12:59 am

    Very nice decoration design you share with us.I really appreciate that kind of work when they glow the light then its look more awesome thanks for sharing very shining post keep it up.


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