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15 Easy Seashell Crafts To Bring The Beach Indoors

Looking for seashell crafts? If you want some easy seashell crafts, then check out this list and bring the beach into your home! There's nothing like watching summer draw to a close and realizing it's going to be a full year until the sand, sun and fun is back at your doorstep. So why not try to hold on to this happy time of year by incorporating seashell themed decor in …Continue Reading

12 DIY Detox Baths

Looking for recipes for detox baths? If you want to try and rid your body of impurities while enjoying a nice long bath, then these recipes will help you out. Forget the spa, save some money by trying one of these DIY detox baths. I guarantee, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated right after. DIY Detox Baths | Detox Bath Recipe Having a relaxing moment as a mom is priceless. …Continue Reading

Personal DIY Projects – The $20 Bathroom Cabinet

It's always a good idea to have some extra storage space. There's no telling when you'll need it, but it helps to have them. But most of us wouldn't pay an extra dollar or two to bring in more space. Well you're in luck! We got this amazing project lined up for you - the $20 bathroom cabinet. This is one of many budget DIY projects that we'll be doing, so hang on to your …Continue Reading

DIY Projects For Home – Tiling Your Bathroom Wall The Right Way

This is one of those DIY projects for home that need to be done right. Have your bathroom neat and clean with the help of installed tiles. The design and vibe it will give your bathroom will set this private space apart from all the other rooms in the house. Choose the tiles you want, and choose when to install it. Yes, YOU! Tiling your bathroom can be achieved and with the …Continue Reading

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