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Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Feature | Toilet Bowl Bathroom | Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Try these awesome and affordable bathroom decorating ideas that perfectly fit your low budget.

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22 Awesome Bathroom Decorating Ideas to Inspire Yours

DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

Like many people, I have wondered how to decorate a bathroom. Does it need more than a splash of paint? The answer is yes!

Your bathroom should be as comfortable and classy, like every other room in your home. So, to help you transform your bathroom, I've made a list of stylish bathroom decor ideas sure to fit your budget to make your life easier.

From DIY curtains to vanities, a little something here and there adds up to a lot!

1. DIY Ruffled Shower Curtain

Here's an Anthropologie hack that will make your bathroom instantly gorgeous! Take out your old shower curtains and breathe life to them once again with these DIY ruffle shower curtains.

2. DIY Towel Holder

Make a cheap wooden towel ring look like a million bucks with this DIY hand towel ring. A wooden ring, say from an old handbag, would be ideal.

See why it's a good thing to never throw away old stuff?

3. Ombre Dip Dye Tea Towels

Looking for some neat wall decorating ideas for your bathroom? Add some stylish towels to your DIY towel holder in case you decide to make it.

Create different colors for a daily or weekly change.

4. DIY Mirror Frame

Did you know that adding a frame to your mirror makes a big difference? It creates an illusion of space and works for your vanity.

So, make this DIY bathroom mirror frame with molding now.

5. DIY Rag Rug

White and Blue Rag Rug | Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget
Make a super comfy rug from upcycled clothing. This DIY rug project for your bathroom is fun and easy; you can make more for the other rooms.

6. Window Box Bathroom Storage

Repurpose some wicker baskets into this DIY storage idea that's pleasing to the eyes. Stock your towels and toilet papers into these baskets for that neat bathroom we all dream of.

7. DIY Candles

Try your crafting skills by making a homemade candle for the bathroom. Don't forget to put them in decorative containers and add some fresh scents.

8. IKEA Toilet Paper Holder Makeover

Don't you just love a good IKEA hack? This is a neat yet inexpensive toilet paper holder option.

Take it to the bathroom with this IKEA toilet paper makeover.

9. DIY Reclaimed Wood Bath Art and Towel Rack

Here are two DIY projects that will instantly make your bathroom look so much better. Pick some reclaimed wood in your DIY stash and pick the right size of wood for this project and get working!

10. DIY Faux Roman Shade

Add some color to your bathroom with this curtain decorating idea. Learn how to make roman shades here with a few of these DIY roman shades inspirations.

11. Handmade Shell Candles

Set the mood with these cute handmade shell candles. Give your bathroom a beach resort bathroom vibe with this easy and nifty bathroom decor idea.

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12. Rustic Bath Caddy

Create your own bath caddy from just one piece of wood, and turn your bathroom into an instant spa. Relax and enjoy a spa day with your DIY bathtub tray.

13. DIY Makeup Vanity

Hubby may not approve, but to all single ladies out there, this makeup vanity is a must for every bathroom. You can also check out these chic DIY bathroom vanity ideas for your inspiration.

14. Homemade Bath Bombs

Make these colorful bath bombs not only for bathing but also for your bathroom decoration. Isn't it incredible how you can use DIY bath bombs both for practical and decor purposes?

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15. Hanging Air Plants

Add some fresh greens to your bathroom with this easy bathroom idea. Combine your DIY gardening know-how and knack for a DIY room decoration to know which plants work best for this decor idea.

16. Mirror Messages

This is an ingenious bathroom decor idea with a surprise you should try. Try putting a motivational quote or play with some notes.

17. Mason Jar Bathroom Set

Painting mason jars can go a long way when it comes to bathroom decorations on any rooms for that matter. This mason jar craft works great to organize your toothbrushes and other toiletries.

18. Bling Art

Even your bathroom needs a little bling. Add some with this DIY wall art.

Here's a neat bathroom wall idea to give a touch of uniqueness and some bling art on the blank wall.

19. Medicine Cabinet Organization

Organize your medicine cabinet with style and with this DIY bathroom decor inspiration. Bathroom decorations should not end with things immediately visible.

20. Rustic DIY Bathroom Shelving

Make your own shelves while adding a rustic look with this easy DIY project. Even a DIY newbie can complete this task in less than 30 minutes.

21. DIY Marble Vanity Tray

Give your simple and small bathroom a touch of elegance with marble decor. Turn a slab of marble into a vanity tray with some glue and cabinet handles.

It's so easy, you'll just need 10 minutes!

22. DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconce

Add some flowers by making a DIY sconce with mason jars. Any DIY enthusiast who never throws stuff away will have everything needed to make this DIY bathroom decor project.

Mason jars, reclaimed woods, and leather straps will make this decor item.


Want to see a bathroom makeover? Then check out this video from Melissa Merk:

These are simple yet unique bathroom decorating ideas that won't break the bank. Take it one idea at a time until you get that dream bathroom you can practically live in!

Which bathroom decorating ideas are you trying today? We'd love to hear how it went in the comments section below!

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