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17 Awesome DIY Bathroom Organization Ideas

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If your bathroom is a total mess, here are 17 brilliant bathroom organization ideas to make it look cozy and beautiful. Giving your bathroom a makeover is one thing and keeping it organized is another. Whether you’re busy or lazy (no shame in that) you’ll find a bathroom organization hack to try on this list. If you think you don't have much spare time, don't worry — most of these ideas can be done in under an hour!

Bathroom Organization Ideas Anyone Can Easily Recreate


1. 15-Minute Organizing Bathroom Drawers

Remove the clutter and get more space in your bathroom drawers. Check the expiration dates of your products and throw away what's beyond its use-by date. Then, use inexpensive baskets to keep them contained and organized.

2. Toothbrush Organizing Solution

Is keeping toothbrushes and toothpaste orderly a challenge? This amazing toothbrush organizing solution works perfectly for its maker. It only requires some plastic cups and velcro.

3. Organize With A Magnetic Strip

Are your bobby pins, clippers, and tweezers always out of sight when you needed them? Here’s a quick solution to solve that dilemma: organize with a magnetic strip! Take advantage of the empty space on your cabinet walls by simply adding magnetic strips to it, then attach your little ferromagnetic things.

4. DIY Bath Towel Storage

This DIY bath towel storage is a super fast and budget-friendly project to keep your towels organized. All you have to do is hang some wicker baskets on the empty wall of your bathroom.

5. Bathtub Salt Organization

I love bath salts! If you have a lot in different packaging, consolidate them like what was done in the picture. It makes an awesome bathroom decor too!

6. DIY Potty Trainer

Having a toddler can be a mess in the bathroom, especially when you’re potty training. Get everything organized and within easy reach while doing so by having a basket that holds all your potty training essentials on your bathroom floor.

7. Ladder Up

Don’t you just love it when the stuff you used to organize pulls double duty as a DIY decor? Use an old ladder to hang your towels. Repurposing at its best!

8. Tray Organizer

Don't leave things scattered and always keep your beauty supplies organized by simply adding a tray to your countertop. You can find one at a thrift store. I recommend to use a decorative tray, so you'll not only have an organizer but also a piece to add personality to your bathroom.

9. Hang It On Shower Rods

You’ll realize you get so much more space when you hang things. With your shower curtain hooks, hang small baskets to keep your toiletries.

10. File Box Appliance Storage

Easily store all your hair appliances after using them with this clever storage solution using a metal desktop file box. Yes, you read it right — a metal desktop file box. Well, if that seems to not add any aesthetic to your bathroom, put it someplace where it cannot be seen from your bathroom doorway or hide it behind your cabinet doors. Why choose a metal desktop file box? It's safer — metal is not flammable.

11. Cute Hanging Organizer

Ladies have so much stuff they keep in the bathroom, but that's no excuse for clutter. Recreate this lovely IKEA hack hanging organizer using dollar store supplies.

12. DIY Makeup Brush Holders

Most of us ladies do our makeup in the bathroom, so have your brushes within reach and well organized with this creative makeup brush holder.

13. Organize Your Bathroom Linen Closet

You think organizing your linen closet is such a mundane task that requires lots of time? Think again because this easy-to-follow tutorial will give you instant bathroom organizers and help spare you time and effort.

14. DIY Mason Jar Organizer

Are you running out of space to store your cotton buds, cotton balls, and the rest of your wee items that have the tendency to scatter all over your sink? Worry no more, because this super creative tutorial of repurposing mason jars will help you attain the neat space you need.

15. DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelves

Create storage where there once was none by adding some height. These DIY rustic shelves come together with only a few materials that cost under $50 and took less than an hour to complete.

16. DIY Rope Towel Bar

The best bathroom organization ideas should be both affordable and functional, like this hack to organize your towels. If your towels are hanging on a traditional towel hook, it's about time to jazz it up and secure it with this rustic DIY rope towel bar. While it is very space-effective, it also doubles as an amazing decorative piece without being pricey.

17. Bathroom Basket Wall

Wall baskets are practical, handy, and perfect for functional and decorative purposes. This amazing tutorial for a bathroom basket wall will help you how to organize your bathroom stuff in an instant!


Want more bathroom organization ideas? Check out this video from VasseurBeauty:

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house. Organizing it should be a priority, but one that must not cost you much of your time and money. I hope these bathroom organization and storage ideas were able to help you out!

Did you enjoy our list of bathroom organization ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 13, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. Great ideas. I use an old-fashioned soda can holder (that you used in your car) to hold the air freshener can on the the side of the toilet tank.


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