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DIY Wine Cork Crafts

Looking for DIY wine cork crafts? Cork crafts are fun and easy. Learn how to make a wine cork wreath, wine cork board, other ideas with wine corks. DIY Wine Cork Crafts Did you know that there are so many uses for your old wine corks? The "cork art" craze has been exploding lately so we wanted to feature our favorite cork projects that you can easily make at home. The more …Continue Reading

DIY Water Conservation: The Case for Showering Less

Is there such a thing as being too clean? Some argue that when our water supply is at stake, there is. With 14-percent of the contiguous United States now experiencing drought, there's good reason to adapt ways to reduce water waste in your household. If that means showering less, so be it. Data from 2011, according to Statistica, shows the U.S. using 1,630 cubic …Continue Reading

Best Interior Design Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Best Interior Design Apps [INFOGRAPHIC] How popular are interior design and home décor apps? They are extremely popular! The lifestyle category of the Apple App Store for example -- which includes all home and interior apps -- is in the top five highest app categories. It covers almost nine percent of all available apps and by category it ranks higher that entertainment, …Continue Reading

How to Make Guest Towel Cupcakes | DIY Tutorials

These towel cupcakes -- towels rolled up to look like cupcakes -- are almost as sweet as the real dessert. How to Make Guest Towel Cupcakes According to Jonathan Fong, author of "Parties That Wow" and creator of this DIY, "Given as a set, they make adorable hostess, housewarming and birthday gifts." For a final adorable touch, you can package the set in a pastry box (which …Continue Reading

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