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DIY Love Letters For Him or Her

Planning to write love letters for him or her? Learn some tricks to making one-of-a-kind love letters, full of thoughtful sentiments and heartfelt ideas! Write The Most Precious Love Letters For Him Or Her My man's recent out-of-town work trip spurred me to wrote letters, sealing them up in envelopes, and tying them with a ribbon. I included instructions to open one each day …Continue Reading

Our Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2017

This is a great collection of Valentine's Day ideas you can share with your loved ones. From easy DIY crafts and delightful meals--you'll find them all here! Wonderful Collection Of Valentine's Day Ideas For 2017 Love is in the air and it's a great time to work on DIY projects and crafts to make your Valentine feel extra special this year. I'm planning to give out homemade …Continue Reading

10 DIY Wood Patio Projects | DIY Projects

DIY wood projects for your patio should be creative and relaxing. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your mini sanctuary without breaking the bank, then read on! DIY Wood Patio Projects For A Relaxing and Lovely Patio Building our patio in our backyard lawn was quite expensive, so I decided that DIY wood projects would make designing the patio come to life! DIY wood …Continue Reading

Do These Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts Now Before It’s Too Late

Wow! Welcoming the new year feels like it just happened yesterday and now, we're already getting ready for Valentine's Day. What are your plans for V-Day? Before you go on a date, make sure you set aside time to do these Valentine's Day crafts before it's too late. Easy Valentine's Day Crafts to Share the Love With Valentine's Day crafts are so much fun to make! For one, you …Continue Reading

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