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Create A Colorful Pompom Rug For Your Home

Make your room vibrant by creating a fun and colorful pompom rug today! It's a quick and easy DIY project you can do in a jiffy. Follow these steps and start crafting now! Pompom Rug: A Quick™ DIY Tutorial — This post is courtesy of and shared with permission — Add a little splash of color to your room with this fun craft idea! I've made a step-by-step instruction …Continue Reading

11 Firewood Storage Ideas To Recreate

Do you have piles of firewood at home with no place to store them? I know how messy it can get so I'll help you keep your home clutter-free with these firewood storage ideas you can recreate. 11 Firewood Storage Ideas for A Clutter-Free Home The fireplace is the star of the living room nowadays. And since the family likes to stay warm and cozy in soft and fluffy fleece …Continue Reading

21 Easy Sewing Projects for Your Trendy Teens

Looking for fun sewing projects to do for your teens? It's the thought that counts so giving gifts that you crafted personally is a plus. Also, teens love creative and artistic gifts! Here's a list of artsy sewing projects that you can DIY. Take your pick! 21 Easy Sewing Projects You Can Give as Gifts for Your Teens — This post is courtesy of and shared with …Continue Reading

11 Home Decor Accessories You Can DIY to Brighten Your Living Room

New year, new home decor accessories! Are you feeling me on this? What better way to start the year than to update your living room decor and invite more positive vibes into your home. 11 DIY Home Decor Accessories for Your Living Room You know what, I'll be honest here. The living room is the most challenging part of the home to decorate. Why do I say so? For one, the size …Continue Reading

Rustic Home Decor Ideas | DIY Projects

Are you someone who loves rustic home decor? Well, that makes two of us! I love shopping for anything and everything rustic. But then, I realized--why was I spending too much money buying rustic home decor when it's just so much easier to make them? 13 DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas for A Cozy Home I'm a huge fan of rustic and shabby chic home decor. It isn't really my husband's …Continue Reading

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