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Sew a Ruffle Shower Curtain | How to Make Curtains

how to make ruffled shower curtain

how to make a ruffled shower curtain | Learn to make a beautiful ruffle shower curtain inspired by Anthropologie with our easy to follow tutorial! By DIY Projects at

How to Make Curtains & Pillows | Home Makeover Tutorial

Project 5 | Sew a Ruffle Shower Curtain

It’s time for our very final project! This one is our absolute favorite, so I guess you could say we saved the best for last! This project has been inspired by the Flamenco Shower Curtain sold at Anthropologie. This ruffle shower curtain has become quite a favorite among homeowners, but is over $100, and almost always sold out! Here’s a way you can get the same ruffled shower curtain look, but with the colors of your own choice!

Have fun following along with our host Lisa, and make your own beautiful ruffle shower curtain. This ruffling technique makes a great curtain for the home, the shower, or even spread out and used as a bedspread! Remember, to make it a shower curtain all you have to do is add clips, and use a plastic lining when you hang it up.

Gorgeous ruffled shower curtain | Learn how to make this beautiful ruffle shower curtain inspired by Anthropologie with DIY Projects at

Whether yours is all one color, multi, striped, or ombre! We want to see how yours came out! Add your photos to the comments below, or share with us on facebook!

This was our final project from the How to Make Curtains & Pillows Series. If you missed any,go back through the table of contents & enjoy all our free content for making over your home with homemade curtains & pillows! We have one video left, hit next for the final recap!

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This is Project 5: Sew a Ruffle Shower Curtain | Curtain Sewing Techniques. It’s part of our free How to Make Curtains & Pillows For Total Home Makeover package! We want you to be able to fill your homes with amazing handmade diy crafts that you know how to sew yourselves! Our hope is that these sewing patterns and ideas inspire you to redecorate your living space and ultimately create your dream home! Imagine a personalized stylish home decorated exactly to your liking. Come home happy and enjoy the accomplished feeling of “I made this.” Here at DIY Projects we love inspiring dreams, and encouraging craftiness in all aspects of life. Be sure to subscribe to our social medias to stay connected on all things made by hand! Join us on Facebook, PinterestInstagram, and Twitter.


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