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8 Creative Upcycling Projects for Your Home

Upcycling projects allow you to reuse old items which would have normally gone into the garbage heap, This is not good for the environment. However it also brings out your creative side, challenging you to dig deep and make something new from something old. Today we'll show you 8 creative upcycling projects for your home.

1. Suitcase Turned  Chair

An old suitcase can easily be turned into a cool chair like this one shown on the DIY Network.

2. Whisk turned candle holder

If your whisks aren't working quite like they use to, no need to toss them out. Instead use them to make these adorable lanterns for your home. All you need are some tea candles and strings to hand them on.

3. Guitar turned shelf

I know how painful it can be for musicians to toss out their musical instruments; these things are often very sentimental. That's why this idea is so great because you really don't have to. This idea on how to turn your old guitar into a hanging shelf is one of my absolute faves on this list of upcycling projects, and for obvious reasons.

4. Bicycle turned towel holder

If your style is more vintage than modern then you will absolutely want to try upcycling your old bicycle and making it usable in your bathroom. This one from Bocadolobo is not just artistic but also functional , look at how the bicycle rack easily turns into a towel rack!

5. Whisky Bottle turned soap dispenser

Another super creative idea for your bathroom is using an empty whisky bottle as a soap dispenser. This is great for persons who buy in bulk. This idea also works for shampoo and conditioner, or even dish washing liquid for your kitchen.  Just make sure you properly rinse out the remains from the empty bottle and use the top from an old lotion bottle for the pump at the top.

6. Doors turned hanging shelves

You'll need to put some work into creating this one, but the result is certainly worth it. You can check out the full tutorial from My Repurposed Life  here

7. Books turned knife block

I must say, The Owner Builder has some really creative ideas on how to turn a bunch of different things into knife blocks.However, my favorite has to be these stack of old books wrapped tightly with a cord and instantly turns into a cool knife holder for your kitchen. Check out more of their ideas here

8. Drum turned seat

With some tools and some creative input an old drum can transition into a cozy bench. The one shown here is made from a 55 gallon drum and the black linings are made from rubber. Both the base and seat are fabricated from recycled wood. See more here

Did you find out post on upcycling projects useful? We sure hope so and we want to hear your feedback so leave a comment below!

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