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10 Creative Bird House Ideas for Your Backyard

If you want a cool bird house for your backyard but you need an idea or two, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. There are many different types, sizes, colors and variations to choose from and we’ve rounded up some creative concepts that you can easily replicate. Read on for more!


Bird House Ideas To Inspire Your Creativity

1. Fieldstone Guest Cottage

This amazing cottage style birdhouse will certainly be the focal point of your backyard. And the best part it that it seems pretty easy to replicate. Once you have the proper framing in place add some glue to the exterior and add stones of different sizes.

2. Red Lion Inn

An amazing replica of the Red Lion Inn, the birds will certainly love this one.

3. Shabby Chic

Bird House Ideas

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

If your style is shabby chic then this quaint little birdhouse will be easy to create, with the right materials on hand,

4. Beach house Blue

Bird House Ideas

This pretty blue birdhouse looks like it belongs on the beach. The tiny details make all the difference; did you see the anchor and oars on the front and side? Super cute!

5. Log Cabin

Listen whoever made the birdhouse in this picture captured a real life log cabin down to the T. I mean it is absolutely beautiful. The chimney and logs pilled on the deck definitely completes the theme.

6. Teepee Style

To recreate this teepee style birdhouse you just have to layer the woods on the roof in a particular way. However this one should be pretty easy to make.

7. Rustic Lodge

Bird House Ideas

It’s more of a bird lodge than a moose lodge, but either way I would definitely want this in my backyard.

8. Architectural

The architectural details on this one are much to be admired. Do you think you can create something like this?

9. Modern Style

I want this modern style house in real life, but until then i would settle for a bird house version. This is very creative.

10. Woven Bamboo

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This woven bird house will require a bit of skill on your end, but if this person can do it so can you.

Did you try to recreate any of these cool bird house ideas? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

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